What we did

People from both rural and urban areas were recruited to understand the differing experiences of public transport in these contexts. Participants were provided an opportunity to learn about the policy aims, hear each other's experiences, consider current policies and approaches, deliberate, prioritise and describe their aspirations for a fair public transport system in Scotland.

The first and last session brought all participants together with Scottish Government officials. Sessions in between were divided between urban and rural groups.

We designed a series of workshops focusing on the following key discussion areas:

  • What are the main difficulties that you experience in accessing public transport?
  • How do these difficulties impact on your day-to-day life as well as those around you?
  • What currently works well in terms of access to public transport and why?
  • What would make accessing and using public transport easier for you?
  • Imagine a Vision for a World Class Public Transport System in Scotland: What principles and priorities do you think should be reflected in this vision?

What actions do you think need to be taken, and by whom, to make this vision a reality?