Executive summary


Transport Scotland has undertaken detailed assessments to develop a safe and resilient permanent solution to the issues faced at the A83 Rest and Be Thankful.

In September 2020, 11 potential route corridor options were presented to the public to gather feedback and inform initial design and assessment work. In March 2021, the preferred route corridor was announced as the Glen Croe Corridor and five potential route options which included various combinations of tunnels, viaducts and debris flow shelters were identified for further design work. Feedback on the route options was captured through a series of public exhibitions and a survey.

In September 2022, Transport Scotland appointed the Atkins WSP Joint Venture (AWJV) to take forward the design and assessment of both the permanent, long-term solution (LTS) and medium-term solution (MTS). The preferred option for the MTS was announced as the Old Military Road (OMR) in December 2022.

On 2 June 2023 the preferred route option for the permanent, LTS to the challenges at the A83 Rest and Be Thankful was announced by the former Minister for Transport, Kevin Stewart MSP. The preferred route option was identified as the Brown Option: a debris flow shelter with catch pit.

Community engagement

The purpose of the community engagement was to present the preferred route option that has been selected as the permanent, LTS and explain and seek feedback on the next steps to deliver this solution for road users of the A83 Rest and Be Thankful and local communities.

The engagement period was delivered between 2 June and 28 July 2023. It included a blended approach, involving four public exhibitions and a virtual exhibition room.

Over 200 people attended the public exhibitions which were held in:

  • Arrochar on 12 and 13 June 2023
  • Lochgilphead on 14 and 15 June 2023.

Printed copies of the exhibition boards were also made available in Campbeltown Library.

There were approximately 3,700 people who viewed the virtual exhibition room from 2 June to 28 July 2023.

Public facing materials were produced which included, exhibition boards, scheme brochure, poster, and a feedback form. The scheme email address A83@WSP.COM was used to respond to queries from members of the public and send out the link to the virtual exhibition room. Feedback on the preferred route option has been gathered from the public exhibitions and the online feedback forms available in the virtual exhibition room.


A total of 89 responses were received in various formats which included 34 online feedback forms, 39 paper feedback forms, 13 direct emails, two posted responses and one phone call. The analysis of the above noted feedback can be found later in this report.