Rail Franchise performance meeting minutes - 03 March 2016

Transport Scotland attendees: Andrew Mackie (AM), Paula Somerville (PS) Sarah Aitken (SA)
Scotrail attendees: John McLachlan (JM), Sam Price (SP) Rob Shorthouse (RS) AK Blomstrum (AKB)
Transport Scotland apologies: Donald Smith (DS), Agnes McKeever (AMc)

1) Minutes of previous meeting


2) Actions arising from previous meeting and Franchise Quarterly

International Rail Summit, SR to advise who will attend – Attendees will be confirmed following Scottish Parliamentary elections.

CO 10.3, Customer experience, catering provision – SR noted there has been few invoices received from retailers and when invoices are received it is difficult to breakdown catering provision for this CO. SR need to review whether it needs to be more proactive to help uptake. AM advised that capturing benefits of improved passenger welfare is important to monitor success of scheme. JM will share information on this with TS. AP - SR

CO 24.2, Apprenticeships, SR to provide skills information provided in Customer Service Apprenticeships – Information still to be provided. JM will chase up. AP - JM

CO 24.14 – Schools programme, 4 schools to be visited each month – Action closed

Media event for Minister to attend – Loganair action closed.

SQUIRE Investment Fund, to be issued to TS for consideration – Action closed.

CO 23.1 – Environmental managements systems, TS to sign off – Oi Hang Chu is taking this forward. AP - TS

Queen Street Plans, SR to provide March timetable change – TS now has this. Action closed.

CO 15.11, Dumfries enhanced timetable offerings. This is being taking forward at the Timetabling meetings.

First Class offering on c380s is being considered – There will be designated first class areas for the Edinburgh-Glasgow route only.

Schedule 12, Change to season ticket bond provider – Action closed.

SR to provide feedback on public uptake of committed promotional fares – There is visibility of uptake of the £5 fare. Action closed.

Client & Communications, CO 32.3 Major Projects Comms Plan, SR to tie in with Group and write to TS in terms of process going forward – RS advised that a comms plan has been prepared. AM asked SR to write to TS on what the comms plan is for major projects and share a project plan for specific projects when produced. AP - RS

Commercial, CO 28.2, New Headline Advance Ticket – Action Closed.

HR, Sch 13.4, 11.1, Living Wage – PS received confirmation on 16 February 2016 regarding back dated pay. Action closed.

Sustainability and Safety, CO 34.7 SR to provide update on New Homes Marketing Initiative – Ongoing.

Sustainability and Safety, CO 5.3, TS to reply to SR regarding Schools Programme, 40 safety visits a year – TS has replied to SR on what is required for this CO.

TS to provide a conformed version of the Franchise Agreement – This was issued to SR. Action closed.

Franchise Quarterly – A meeting of the Franchise Quarterly is due to take place on 23 March 2016. Journey time metric, NPRS and KPIs can be covered off.

3) Service delivery performance (Schedule 7.1)

PPM for Period 11 was behind plan at 89.2%. PPM MAA is behind plan at 90.6%.

Cancellations are noted to be slightly above benchmark for rural areas. ScotRail to provide commentary in relation to benchmark position. AP - SR

Service Planning:

AM asked SR what plans it has for the Melrose Rugby Sevens event on 9 April 2016 and asked if there could be targeted strengthening or communications to passengers? AP - SR

4) Service quality performance (Schedule 7.3)

TS noted that SQUIRE failures are high across the piece and emphasised the importance of addressing this. It was agreed TS will meet with SR to take forward these issues. A meeting to be organised after 31st March. AP – TS/SR

5) Financial obligations and undertakings (Schedule 12)

The finance meeting did not take place before the Franchise Performance Meeting.

6) Provision of Schedule 13 information

TS will write to SR shortly in relation to queries on the annual “A” information received, notably in relation to reasonable endeavours to optimise fleet availability during the peak (Schedule 1.2, Clause 1.2). AP - TS

Delay/Repay – Performance has been improving since the New Year which has reduced the number of delay/repay claims. AM flagged to SR that Smart technology is being used in a franchise in the south-east of England which uses Smart technology for delay/repay claims on season tickets.

7) Summary of all Committed Obligations delivered to date

CO 29.4, Hand held devices – Update on roll out of devices - AM asked if SR can provide more information about roll out of CO Smart hand held devices. AM noted the COPA date at the end of March is fast approaching.

Post meeting note – AM given detailed walkthrough of planned programme by IMcC

CO 24.14, Schools programme to promote employment opps, four a month – SA was content for SR to undertake 40 a year even if it was not rigidly four a month.

8) Pending variations

NEC – SA has a draft proposal which she will send to SP. AP – SA

CO 24.19 – Cleaning standard – SR will send TS information about changing to another certificate. AP - SR

CO 13.4 – TMS – There is no time bound commitment for this CO.

9) Progress of Priced Options

Berwick – SP has followed this up.

Stranraer – This continues to be delivered. AM advised that it would be helpful to share patronage figures after the spring period.

10) Communications

There has been a number of events held recently. Loganair, Smart, and the First Anniversary is due to take place soon.

AM noted correspondence regarding overcrowding on the 19:45 Glasgow Queen Street to Aberdeen service on Sunday. TS asked SR if it can look at this service and ascertain if additional capacity is required for this service? TS asked SR to respond on these specific points.

11) Improving visibility for passengers for delay/repay

Put on the agenda for next meeting. AP - PS

12) AOB

Gateline – TS will write to SR within the next week. AP – TS

TS is dealing with a PQ regarding later running Edinburgh-Glasgow services, in light of the Hydro being one of the biggest venues in the UK. AM asked for a more detailed response for this from SR. AP - SR

Route clearance – TS concerned that SR are still to receive approval to operate C320/4, integral to the Queen Street Train Plan. SP will look to see what is being done. AP – S

Published Date 3 Mar 2016 Type Mode of transport