Rail Franchise performance meeting minutes - 04 February 2016

Transport Scotland attendees: Andrew Mackie (AM), Paula Somerville (PS)
Scotrail attendees: John McLachlan (JM, Rob Shorthouse (RS)
Transport Scotland apologies: Donald Smith(DS), Agnes McKeever(AMc),Sarah Aitken(SA) Scotrail apologies: Sam Price (SP)

1) Minutes of previous meeting


2) Actions arising from previous meeting and Franchise Quarterly

Organisational structure - SR expect this by the end of March.

International Rail Summit – TS will advise SR who will attend. AP - TS

CO 17.7, Colour coded timetables – Action closed.

CO 20.1, Online website – AM advised that if all routes are uploaded onto the website to a defined programme by March, then this will supersede the need for SR to provide the original data. Action closed.

CO 10.3, Customer experience, catering provision –SR to provide this information. Action ongoing. AP – SR

CO 24.2 Apprenticeships – SR advised that apprenticeships for Tourism are not available nor is there an opportunity to deliver Hospitality as it no longer has Sleeper services. However, it is delivering 6 apprenticeships in Customer Service. JM will provide information about what skills are covered in the Customer Service apprenticeships. AP - SR

CO 24.6 – SR will provide evidence of donations to the charities it has invited to the training days. AP - SR
CO 24.14, Schools programme – Action now with SR. AP - SR

A meeting took place on 2 February. TS/SR agreed there would be a technical briefing for the Scottish media. From TS’s perspective the vision should be across all of transport.

Delay in passenger correspondence replies (Implications for overall satisfaction KPI) – Action closed.

Performance – TS agrees with SR that Magpie is the way forward. TS will seek to meet with SR to understand the process and has contacted SR’s train planners.

PPM drop on Airdrie–Bathgate – Correspondence has petered out. Action closed.

Clock face departures for Queen Street post closure works – This is now being taken forward by the Rail Management Team in TS. Action closed.

SQUIRE fails, interaction with Network Rail - Action ongoing.

SQUIRE Investment Fund – Proposal recently approved by SR Board. To be issued to TS for consideration. AP - JM

Schedule 156s CET fitment – Action closed.

CO 11.1 National Events Calendar – Action closed.

CO 13.1 – Train service contingency plans – Action closed.

CO 23.1 Environmental managements systems – TS to sign off. AP – TS

PO 1 - Service to Berwick – A decision will be made following the result of the track
access contract.

3) Service delivery performance (Schedule 7.1)

PPM for Period 10 was 86.9%, which is 2.6% behind plan. This means a PPM MMA of 90.3%, which is 1% behind plan.

TS congratulated SR’s on its 90% NRPS result.

4) Service quality performance (Schedule 7.3)

Several areas performed below the benchmark for several schedules.

5) Financial obligations and undertakings (Schedule 12)

Queen Street Plans – SR still to provide March Timetable change specific to Queen Street. AP - SP

Schedule 12 – The finance meeting did not take place prior to Franchise meeting. AM noted that there has been a change to the season ticket bond provider, the performance bond may also potentially change provider. TS will write to SR regarding this. AP – TS

6) Provision of Schedule 13 information

Price promise – AM noted that the figures for this are very low and asked SR to look into why this is the case. JM will take forward. AP – JM

Products that are launched, £5 fare – AM asked for future feedback on public uptake of committed promotional fares. AP - SR

7) Summary of all Committed Obligations delivered to date:

RS confirmed that SR will be looking to produce an end of year report that will note SR’s progress in delivering Franchise ambitions.

JM advised TS that it will change the format of the CO section to make it more user friendly.

Client & Communications – CO 32.3 Major Projects Comms Plan – TS noted that it has received this Plan only once and that it should receive it every 3 periods. RS noted that SR does inform TS of individual project plans. AM asked SR to tie in with Group and write back to TS in terms of the process going forward. AP – SR

Commercial – CO 34.4 - Scenic Railways Voucher book – AM brought this to SRs attention due to the deadline date being in advance of the Scenic Scotland CO.

Commercial - CO 28.2 – New Headline Advance Ticket – SR will write to TS. AP – SR

HR - Sch 13.4, 11.1 - Living Wage – JM to chase up PS’s query about back dating pay. AP – JM

Programmes & Transformation – Business case for 4 stations. AM advised SR to be aware that the COPA is 100k if it is not provided by the date specified.

Sustainability and Safety – CO 34.07 New Homes Marketing Initiative – AM asked SR to provide an update on this. AP – SR

Sustainability and Safety - CO 5.3 – Schools Programme, 40 safety visits a year – TS will reply to SR this week.. AP – TS

8) Pending variations

C170 variation – TS is currently working through this with SR and hope to execute the variation by June.

TS to provide a conformed version of the Franchise Agreement. AP - TS

9) Progress of Priced Options

Discussed under item 2.

10) Communications

Discussed under item 2.

11) AOB

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