Rail Franchise performance meeting minutes - 04 May 2016

Transport Scotland attendees: Andrew Mackie (AM), Paula Somerville (PS), Donald Smith (DS), Sarah Aitken (SA),
ScotRail attendees: Sam Price (SP), AK Blomstrom (AK)
Transport Scotland apologies: Agnes McKeever
ScotRail apologies: Rob Shorthouse

1) Minutes of previous meeting


2) Actions arising from previous meeting

CO 24.2 Apprenticeships – Action closed

CO 32.3 – Major Projects Comms Plan – RS wrote to TS regarding this. TS content. Action closed.

Hydro, later running services – Action with SP. AP - SP

Passenger Number Information surveys – Action ongoing. AP - SR

Finance Meeting – Closed.

Track uptake of fares products introduced – Action closed.

CO 32.1, Dedicated customer service employees – Action closed.

Organisation Chart – SR will send to TS. AP - SR

CO 29.4, hand held devices – Action closed.

CO 25.4, SME engagement – TS to confirm with SR if it is content. AP - TS

Closure of Steam Variation – Action closed.

TVMs – Action closed.

Smartcards for SQUIRE team and other TS business use – Ongoing. TS will contact SR regarding this. AP - TS

3) Service delivery performance (Schedule 7.1)

PPM for Period 13 stood at 92.6% and MAA was 90.6%.

TS noted that as there are contractual targets as well as a regulatory NWR target and targets across routes, it is important to agree a clear position on targets to be visible in performance information already provided. SP will speak to RS regarding how it is communicated. AP - SP

Schedule 7 Off-Peak patronage metric for Year 1 – SR will write to AM on this. AP - SR

Schedule 7 Benchmark figures for Year 2 – TS will send information to SR at the next Performance Steering Group. AP - TS

4) Service quality performance (Schedule 7.3)

TS is content to meet with SR and share our teams observations on where improvements could be made.

SQUIRE Investment Fund - Oi Hang Chu will organise quarterly meetings with agreed attendees from TS & SR .

5) Financial obligations and undertakings (Schedule 12)

Discussed at the finance meeting.

6) Provision of Schedule 13 information

AM noted that rolling stock availability across the fleet continues to track on or above contract target.

Complaints per 100,000 journeys has improved to 28.2 for Period 13.

7) Summary of all Committed Obligations delivered to date

CO 4.1, International Rail Summit – This is being planned to take place in November 2016.

Voucher book – SP will send TS evidence on this. AP – SR

CO 22.4 - Mobile ticketing app/crowding information – SP will flag up internally in SR AP – SP

Sch 13.1, 2.1-2.5 - Quality Plan and Quality Reports – AM to get back to SR on this. AP – AM

Sch 1.5, 1.6a (ii) Passenger count technology – AM asked SR for an understanding of the technology and how it works. AP – SR

Sch 13.4, 11.1 - Living Wage logo – TS advised SR that it does not have any objection in principle to SR branding trains with Living Wage logo, and is happy to discuss further details. SP will raise with James Ledgerwood. AP - SP

CO 32.4 Additional wayfinder signage – AM noted that alternative active travel from Lenzie and Bishopbriggs seems to be positive.

CO 15.4, Ticket Plus – TS to consider wording of Ticket Plus at next contract meeting. AP - TS

8) Pending variations

SA advised that some minor wording changes may need to be made to some variations.

SLC December 2016 position – SP has asked for feedback from the train planning team in SR. SP will get back to TS when he gets the feedback. AP - SP

0821- Lanark to Glasgow Central – AM asked that SR confirm passenger number surveys show that this change in formation is tolerable.

Short-term planning regarding special events – AM thanked SR for regularly updated National Events Calendar where further detailed understanding of service / capacity changes is needed for upcoming events. Requests will either come from Ross Clark or AM. .SR agreed to provide a short note on plans for strengthening services for the Scottish Cup Final and if necessary earlier services for the Edinburgh Marathon. AP - SP

Revenue Protection, Given the impact of the exercises conducted at selected key locations DS asked if the initiative could be further extended. SP will look into this. AP – SR

9) Progress of Priced Options

CO 6.2, Strategic rail delivery group – TS to consider SR’s proposal for the new purpose of the forum. AP - T

10) Communications

There are some up and coming opportunities to promote rail and the benefits the ScotRail Franchise can deliver for passengers. This is in hand with the relevant communications officials from both teams.

11) Franchise performance meeting scheduling

TS and SR agreed to hold Franchise Performance meetings on week 4. SA will confirm with SR the current week to ascertain calendars tie in and TS will issue new meeting dates until the end of the Franchise year. AP - TS

AM stated that it would be worth reviewing with RS / SP the current schedule of franchise meetings to ascertain any streamlines and improvements that can be made, alongside TS officials developing a broader understanding of the principles of LEAN management adopted by the ScotRail Alliance. AP – SR/T

12) AOB

Franchise Performance Quarterly – SP asked regarding updating the SR report as the previous meeting had been postponed. SR will provide a Year 1 report for the quarterly. AP - SR

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