Rail franchise performance meeting minutes - 1 April 2021


  • Allan Anderson (AA) Transport Scotland
  • Katie Sutton (KS) Transport Scotland
  • Lawrence Southern (LS) Transport Scotland
  • Mark Henderson (MH) Transport Scotland
  • Oi Hang Chu (OHC) Transport Scotland
  • Daniel Hunter (DH) Transport Scotland
  • Nicola Dawson (ND) ScotRail
  • Sam Price (SP) ScotRail
  • Campbell Davidson (CD) ScotRail
  • Karampal Sidhu (KS) ScotRail


  • Hilary Cameron (HC) Transport Scotland
  • Scott Prentice (ScP) ScotRail
  • Sarah O’Loughlin (SO) Transport Scotland
  • Phil Dargue (PD) Winder Phillips

Welcome and Introductions

AA welcomed all attendees to the meeting.

Minutes of Last Meeting - 1 April 2021

Minutes from last meeting all agreed and taken as read by both Transport Scotland/ScotRail.

Actions From Previous Meeting - 1 April 2021

Actions discussed and agreed by Transport Scotland/ScotRail.

In Depth Discussion - Management Initiatives

Campbell Davidson and Karampal Sindhu provided a detailed presentation to Transport Scotland colleagues. AA thanks them for attendance.

Review of EMA Reporting Pack

Transport Scotland colleagues have reviewed the pack and submitted queries to ASR to provide responses and supporting evidence as required. ND advised that she has received the pack and would work to provide responses in middle of next week due to holidays.

Committed Obligations Review

Transport Scotland confirm that the P12 report has been received and circulated for review internally, and to update accordingly within compliance tracker. OHC confirms she has sent back final spreadsheet to ScotRail and would like ND to review and close out comments.

Franchise Performance Report - Any Matters Arising

OHC requested an update on Fort William CET variation, ND confirms that she has asked for comments and should receive these early next week.

Schedule 15.2 - Last 12/13 Months of Franchise

ND confirms that SR will use the similar process already in place for the CO tracker every month and notes that it is doubtful that they will be updates but is aware that it is good for Transport Scotland to know what is going on. It will have a similar structure to the CO spreadsheet and will also have a ScotRail owner. AA thanks ND for sending over and notes that it does give comfort that all aspects of the Schedule are being covered within the review.

Issues of the Moment

No comments from Transport Scotland.


No comments from Transport Scotland/ScotRail.

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