Rail Franchise performance meeting minutes - 10 November 2016

Transport Scotland attendees: Andrew Mackie (AM), Donald Smith (DS), Alan Wardlaw (AW), Calum Campbell (CC)
ScotRail attendees: Sam Price (SP), Rob Shorthouse (RS), Nicola Dawson (ND) ScotRail, Graeme Fisken (GF) ScotRail

1) Minutes of Previous Meeting

2) Actions Arising from Previous Meeting

  • 01/16/FM, Smartcards for Franchise Team Business Use – Closed.
  • 02/16/FM, Request Alan McInally attend meeting on 13/10/16 for 15 mins and also to tie in with the December 2016 timetable change – Closed.
  • New Action for SR to populate train plan with passenger count data from previous (pre October survey). AP – SR
  • 03/16/FM, CO 24.1 Investors in People (Gold) – Closed.
  • 04/16/FM, CO 6.2 Establish Strategic Rail Delivery Group – on-going.
  • 05/16/FM, CO 3.5 (Part B) Achieve ‘Times 100’ accreditation – ND wrote to TS with an alternative. TS will formally write back in order to close this action. AP – TS
  • TS sent on 16/11 – Closed
  • 06/16/FM, CO 23.10 Sustainable Procurement Policy – Closed.
  • 07/16/FM, Second member of staff on trains – Closed.
  • AW gave SR an update on TS’s meeting with RMT.
  • TS will contact Billy Black in order to invite SR to the next forum. AP – TS
  • 08/16/FM, International Rail Summit – RS raised the possibility of having this by March 2017 in line with the Committed Obligation (as varied). AM to consider with TS colleagues – on-going. AP – TS
  • 10/16/FM, Concession youth travel scheme compensation – Closed.
  • 11/16/FM, Gateway staffing. SR has sent TS information. TS to reply to SR – SR reported that there will be a clean version of the gateway variation being sent to TS – on-going. AP – SR
  • 12/16/FM, SR PPM Improvement plan and core areas of fleet, operations and infrastructure. To be provided next week – Action now monitored at separate forum Closed
  • 13/16/FM, SR to provide policy on skip stops to TS – TS have received information from SR and requested that this continue on a period basis – Closed.
  • 14/16/FM, Sentiments on extending the rules of the route. SR to provide and update – on-going.
  • 15/16/FM, Update to be provided in relation to why the 380s need to be out of service between January-May 2017 – Closed.
  • 17/16/FM, SP to provide information/statistics regarding the time it takes to depart gates and plunging the gates – Closed.
  • 18/169/FM, Auto close door – TS’s rolling stock team are seeking an audit trail regarding associated costs. SR happy to provide this information – Being taken forward through Rolling Stock meeting – Closed.
  • 19/16/FM, Gauging on 320s. Work to be done and wider issue on the programme to achieve full clearance. SR will provide an update as events develop – Closed.
  • 20/16/FM, AM requested Neil Sutton walk TS through train plan at separate meeting. AM to schedule meeting and provide information on details required to NS – The Dec 16 meeting has yet to be held – on-going.
  • 21/16/FM, RS to ensure that Bill Reeve’s experience is discussed at the Executive meeting and update to be provided to TS following this – Closed.
  • 22/16/FM, AM requested SR reinstate table detailing SR correspondence with MPs/MSPs into Franchise Report. SR intending to introduce centralised log that can be shared with TS – on-going.
  • 24/16/FM, Franchise Performance and Planning – Publication of right time at terminating stations reports needs to be amended. SR will revisit the public reporting of performance/right time – RS reported that he has made changes. AM requests SR to write formally to TS in order to close this off – on-going. AP – SR
  • 25/16/FM, Franchise Performance and Planning – improvement in Cancellation % for Period 6. SR to provide a summary of the believed reasons for this improvement – on-going.
  • 26/16/FM, Franchise Performance and Planning - clarification required on the consultation with Network Rail Milton Keynes – NR MK have actioned the performance led changes that were proposed by SR – Closed.
  • 27/16/FM, Franchise Performance and Planning – staff visibility when transferring passengers from train to bus. SR to liaise with station team to identify the plan and how it is resourced – Closed.
  • 30/16/FM, Rolling Stock – SR to provide a summary of arrangements in place to comply with Consumer Rights Act 2015 (CRA) and change from NRCoC to National Rail Conditions of Travel - ND will resend update to DS – Closed.
  • 31/16/FM, SQUIRE - GF provided an update in relation to SQUIRE – Closed.
  • 32/16/FM, Franchise obligations overview - Commercial - CO22.6 annual
  • ticketless travel survey - SP to check latest status and provide update – ND will send this information to DS in an email – on-going. AP - SR
  • 33/16/FM, Franchise obligations overview – HR – CO 5.4 Train 50% of ticket examiners in dealing with anti-social behaviour. AW wrote to SP. SP to forward this to Adrian Thomson – SP will write back to AW after confirming if he requires a month or two extension – on-going. AP – SR
  • 34/16/FM, Franchise obligations overview – HR – CO 24.7 Inspire Training - ND has sent the variation through. TS will respond – on-going. AP – TS
  • 35/16/FM, Franchise obligations overview – Programming and Transformation CO 22.2 Install new TVMs x 126. SP to get an update from Graeme Fisken and bring to Contracts Meeting – Closed.
  • 37/16/FM, Narrative from Marketing and HR to be included within the reporting packs – Closed.

3) Franchise Variations and Changes

  • SP asked if TS have commenced the drafting for pending tranche of small scale variations. This will be picked up at the Contracts Meeting.

4) Franchise Performance and Planning

  • Performance Improvement Plan
  • Short term capacity considerations
  • PPM for the Period was 90.3% against a target of 92.4%. The MAA now stands at 89.6% which is 1.1% worse than trajectory.
  • All cancellations are below benchmark in all sectors.

6) Rolling Stock

  • Schedule 13.2 Information - Time bandings - AM highlighted that there is a 0.07% chance of being late by more than one hour. AM questioned if more positive communications could be made of this. RS agreed to take this forward. AP – SR
  • SR reported that the volume of Delay Repay is increasing while the uptake rate is relatively stable.
  • The complaints data offers an improving position in Period 7 as this is the best data there has been in several periods.

7) Financial Obligations and Undertakings

8) SQUIRE/Service Delivery Performance

  • Franchise facilities book
  • AW highlighted that Period 7 was the third best score this year, showing an improved trend, it was hoped this could be sustained..

9) Franchise Obligations Overview

  • Client & Communications
    CO 3.4, TS non-executive membership of the Alliance Board – TS to confirm. AP – TS
  • Human Resources
    CO 14.3, Apprenticeships – AM asked HR colleagues to revisit this CO.

10) Communications

  • Comms planning
  • ScotRail advice of MSP engagement & correspondence
  • TS informed ScotRail that Sarah O’Loughlin has pulled together a communications planner for the Minister. RS will catch up with Sarah and populate this. AP – SR
  • ScotRail smart ticketing team have reported that robust testing and briefing now complete for SPT Underground smart ticketing initiative RS will search for a potential date to promote this. AP – SR

11) AOB

  • The Consumer Rights Act 2015

Published Date 10 Nov 2016 Type Mode of transport