Rail franchise performance meeting minutes - 10 October 2019


  • Allan Anderson (AA) Transport Scotland
  • Julie Watson (JW) Transport Scotland
  • Mark Henderson (MH) Transport Scotland
  • Nicola Dawson (ND) ScotRail


  • Andrew Mackie (AM) Transport Scotland
  • Dougie Andrews (DA) Transport Scotland
  • Oi Hang Chu (OH) Transport Scotland
  • Sarah Aitken (SA) Transport Scotland
  • Sam Price (SP) ScotRail

1) Review of previous meeting minute/actions

TS and SR content with previous minutes.

2) Franchise Variations and Changes

No comments.

3) Franchise Performance

PPM Benchmarks

AA notes that ScotRail’s PPM for P6 was 89.5% and the PPM MAA dropped 0.1% to 87.4%.


Capacity shows improvement across all sectors. AA appreciates SR’s efforts to focus on providing full capacity for Fife and Borders routes.

Cancellation Benchmarks

AA confirms that train crew cancellations remain a concern but Service Readiness meeting is proving helpful on this matter.

Performance Remedial Plan

Noted that actions were being tracked via the Performance Remedial Plan meetings and that all actions were either delivered or on track for delivery by their due date.

4) Service planning

AA notes that this section is now covered at Service Readiness meetings as looking what will be prepared for December 2019 to May 2020.

Plans now progressing to consider what May 2020 timetable will look like.

5) Revenue Collection

AA notes that Period 6 for on train and station is similar to last year and that switch teams continue to support members of the public.

AA confirms that TVM usage is up which is encouraging for this year.

ND confirms that buy before you board scheme is continuing.

6) Rolling Stock

HST progress report – AA notes that he is aware that this is being monitored through other forums.

Complaints per 100,000 journeys – showing a downward trend in recent Periods but still higher than last year, AA is aware that issues are being looked at.

7) SQUIRE/Service Delivery Performance

No comments.

8) Franchise Obligations Overview

AA notes the CO report process is working well.

9) Communications

Mobile app – MH notes that members of the public are using app more.

10) HR

No comments.

11) Correspondence

No comments.

12) AOB

No comments.

Date of next meeting: 7 November 2019

Published Date 1 Nov 2019 Type Mode of transport