Rail Franchise performance meeting minutes - 12 November 2015

Transport Scotland attendees: Andrew Mackie (AM), Paula Somerville (PS), Neil Hart (NH),
ScotRail attendees: John McLachlan (JM), Rob Shorthouse (RS), James Ledgerwood (JL), John Kerr (JK)

1. Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes from previous meeting agreed.

2. Actions arising from previous meeting

Controlled Emission Tank variation – Progressing well. Ongoing.

Monitoring of ATG queue times – TS will look at getting its SQUIRE team to carry out ad-hoc survey when resources allow. Closed for meantime.

Organogram –SR will provide this as soon as it becomes available. AP -SR

Period 5 Performance – Action closed.

Schedule 7.1 information – AM asked if SR could revert back to providing the table. JM confirmed that there should be a table provided. JM will take this forward. AP – JM

Franchise Planning Report – Action closed.

Revenue Protection KPI included in Franchise Performance Report – Action closed.

Right time information at key intermediate stations – This information now audited as part of SQUIRE. Action closed.

International Rail Summit – SR has established a steering Committee. AP - TS

CO 28.10. ScotRail Club 50 Smartcard – SR now have an offline solution providing Club 50 Smartcard at 30 stations. Action closed.

CO 3.3, Trade Union and TS attendance at Franchise Board meetings – Gary Bogan represented Transport Scotland.

Delay Repay breakdown – AM is comfortable with the information which is provided in the report. AM requested that period by period flows via a chart would assist tracking trends. AP - SR

CO 23.2, Sustainability Innovation Fund – OHC to write formally to Stewart Cahill regarding this. Action with TS. AP – TS.

CO 22.2, Install new TVMs (100 replacements and 26 new) – AM will speak to OHC regarding this. AP - AM

Spreadsheet for variations produced by DWF – TS confirmed the first variation Amendment Agreement has been concluded.

CO 29.11, New capability to load NEC/SPT products on ScotRail Smartcard – TS has confirmed the position. AM will provide SR with the exact wording. AP - AM

Contact details for Key Contracts – Action closed.

Passenger counts to inform December 2015 Train Plan – SR advised that the latest passenger counts information will not be incorporated into the December 2015 due to time constraints.

Reinstatement of C156s – Action closed.

3. Service delivery performance (Schedule 7.1)

PPM for Period 7 was 90.8% against a target of 92.4%.

TS noted that it would like to focus on the Magpie system for cancellations. Atkins will write to SR on behalf of TS regarding this and we expect the rationalising of the two systems previously in use can align to the year 5 capacity benchmark table by the end of December.

Crowding - SR advised that passenger growth network wide continues to increase. AM asked for a view from SR for the specific capacity hot spots as passenger counts are now over 12 months out of date. AM reiterated an early request for a specific meeting with SR’s crowding team to better understand the Crowding Teams success in working flexibly ‘to optimise diagrams to maximise impact on crowding’ (CO 11.2). Meeting to be organised. An update on colour coded timetables will be provided at the first Fares and Marketing meeting. AP – SR/TS

Passenger counts – JK advised that the first tranche of counts will take place by the end of January and this will drive the December 2016 train plan.

In the context of Schedule 1.5, AM will organise a meeting with JK to take forward. JK noted that it may be worthwhile to undertake some routes less frequently while conducting others more frequently. AP – AM

4. Service quality performance (Schedule 7.3)

RS noted that the requirement on SR to provide quarterly SQUIRE statistics is not necessarily what passengers are looking for yet it provides an opportunity for the press to note the shortcomings of the TOC. AM advised that if the figures illustrate an upward trend then it should be a non-news story, however, SR stated that even if it does show an upward trend there is still the opportunity for negative press about SR being fined even if SQUIRE performance has improved. TS has noted SR’s comments and will consider. AP -TS

Canopies – Kathy Craig is aware of discussions between TS and SR were an Alliance solution to SQUIRE matters seem the most appropriate way forward (notably tripping hazards and canopies) and will provide TS with an update next week. AP - SR

5. Financial obligations and undertakings (Schedule 12)

No issues raised.

6. Provision of Schedule 13 information

No issues discussed.

7. Summary of all Committed Obligations delivered to date

e-CRM and Email Marketing – This is on track.

SQMS – SR is still working with the supplier. JM will provide the results. To be shared within 10-day period. AP - JM

CO 32.6 – JM noted there is a disparity between the dates, 31 January and 31 March. TS will check to ensure the correct date. AP – TS

CO 20 .2 Online website – This CO has been achieved, however, AM noted that historic crowding information should be available online no later than the end of September 2015. AP - SR

CO 10.3 Customer experience, catering provision – Following recent network disruption, TS requested feedback on providing catering at stations with no facilities within 1 mile. AP - SR

Schedule 13.4, Staff uniforms – The roll out for drivers and train care will begin this weekend. The roll out is on track.

CO 24.6, Train facilities available for charities – TS noted that an open day should take place at least once every three reporting periods on the simulator for local charities. Unless SR provide evidence to demonstrate compliance, a COPA will be necessary here. AP - TS

CO 6.2, Strategic Rail Delivery Group to be established – Evidence required for compliance. AP - JM

Price promise scheme – TS interested to note SR’s views in using this regarding January fares.

8. Pending variations

Discussed under item 2.

9. Progress of Priced Options

Stranraer - Discussed under item 2.

10. Communications

Discussed under item 11.

11. Economic Development Opportunities

JL presented TS with an update on Economic Development within SR. SR’s Economic Development team consists of JL and an intern, Cameron Legg. JL has now met with 28 of Scotland’s 32 local authorities and other stakeholders such as Scottish Enterprise and they appear encouraged by the new approach SR’s is taking. JL noted that the existence of a railway is not a guarantee in itself that it will bring about economic prosperity.

Border’s Railway - Borders has been a huge success in terms of wider economic benefit. Local businesses have increased trade, three local authorities are working together, and a dedicated website has been set up by NWR which is linked into business development. In the longer term, the population of people in the Borders is relatively low between the ages of 25-50 due to a lack of employment opportunities. The opening of Borders railway will improve this and will also aid the demand for housing and other wider economic benefits. In terms of the steam train and tourism, SR will look at the benefits/costs of providing this for the next few years It will look at the wider value it will bring for local businesses and the community as offset against the cost if could have on train performance.

Scotland’s Town Week – This is taking place next week and SR is endorsing the Town’s First Principle which encourages stakeholders to adopt an approach to decision-making that acknowledges that town centres are at the heart of communities. Abellio is sponsoring National Town’s Week.

Local Station Strategy –SR has now set up a Local Station Strategy and is working with local authorities in identifying opportunities and key drivers for the potential review of stations.

Scottish Business Pledge – This links into SR’s living wage commitment. JL noted as ScotRail Alliance is not an official company, then it cannot receive Living Wage accreditation. Abellio SR, however, is seeking Living Wage accreditation and it is SR’s intention to undertake much publicity when it achieves this, hopefully in the New Year.

Strategic Focus and Interventions – SR is looking to undertake Scotland’s strategic objectives: Wealthier & Fairer, Healthier, Safer and Stronger, Smarter, and Greener. AM advised we should be capturing benefits realisation and noted there is a benefits realisation steering group being set up in TS. AM will involve JL in this Group at future meetings in 2016. AP - SR

12. AOB

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