Rail Franchise performance meeting minutes - 13 October 2016

Transport Scotland attendees: Andrew Mackie (AM), Donald Smith (DS), Alan Wardlaw (AW), Calum Campbell (CC)
ScotRail attendees: Sam Price (SP), Rob Shorthouse (RS), Nicola Dawson (ND) ScotRail, Neil Sutton (NS) ScotRail

1) Minutes of Previous Meeting

2) Actions Arising from Previous Meeting

01/16/FM, Smartcards for Franchise Team business use – on-going.

02/16/FM, Request Alan McInally attend meeting on 13/10/16 for 15 min and also to tie in with the December 2016 timetable change concerning capacity – Tracsis are currently taking manual counts on all services and findings will be able to be used going forward. SR have ensured TS that Tracsis will make sure the current count is displayed in the format requested by TS.
AM asked NS to walk TS through the train plan at a separate meeting to give clarity. NS confirmed that he was happy to do this. AM will schedule the meeting for the next couple of weeks. AP – TS

03/16/FM, CO 24.1 Investors in People (Gold) – Closed.

04/16/FM, CO 6.2 Establish Strategic Rail Delivery Group – SP will forward on update from Scott Prentice – on-going.

05/16/FM, CO 3.5 (Part B) Achieve ‘Times 100’ accreditation – SR will put forward alternatives as they are not eligible for the ‘Times 100’ – on-going.

06/16/FM, CO 23.10 Sustainable Procurement Policy – Closed.

07/16/FM, Second member of staff on trains – Closed.

08/16/FM, International Rail Summit – RS is in the process of liaising in regards to diaries for the reschedule. AP – SR
AM will alert the Minister. AP – TS

09/16/FM, Flex Carnet – Closed.

10/16/FM, Concession youth travel scheme compensation – Closed.

11/16/FM, Gateway staffing. SR has sent TS information. TS to reply to SR – On-going.

12/16/FM, SR PPM Improvement plan and core areas of fleet, operations and infrastructure. To be provided next week – A meeting between TS and SR is scheduled for Tuesday next week.
TS told SR that they are looking to understand the timescale of each change detailed within the Improvement Plan. TS will then aim to track the progress being made with a four weekly meeting. SR will feed back this information and amend the current spreadsheet version of the Improvement Plan accordingly. AP – SR

13/16/FM, SR to provide policy on skip stops to TS – ND will forward the Scottish Route Contingency Plan to TS. AP – SR

14/16/FM, Sentiments on extending the rules of the route. SR to provide an update – RS reported that the Media sentiment was relatively unaffected last week.

15/16/FM, Update to be provided in relation to why the 380’s need to be out of service between January-May 2017 – SP will provide an update in writing. AP – SR

16/16/FM, Complaints received by TS from passengers in Fife concerning capacity and fares. SP will look into the Fife market – Phil Verster is meeting with Shirley-Anne Somerville and has suggested that her Fife colleagues accompany her to this meet.
TS will update SR on on-goings from their side regarding the Fife issues. AP – TS

17/16/FM, SP to provide information/statistics regarding the time it takes to depart gates and plunging the gates – ND will share statistics. AP – SR

18/16/FM, Auto close door: TS’s rolling stock team are seeking an audit trail regarding associated costs. SR happy to provide this information

19/16/FM, Gauging on 320s. Work to be done and wider issue on the programme to achieve full clearance. SR will provide an update as events develop – SR are exploring an engineering solution. This will require continuing engagement with Network Rail for future fleets. – On-going.

3) Franchise Variations and Changes

Agenda item to be picked up at rescheduled Contract Meeting.

4) Franchise Performance and Planning

Status update on Performance Improvement Plan

  • PPM for the Period was 90.8% against a target of 93.2%. MAA now stands at 89.6%.
  • It was discussed that the publication of right time at terminating stations reporting needs to be amended. SR will revisit the public reporting of performance/right time. AP – SR
  • AM pointed out that there was an improvement in Cancellation % for Period 6. This was 0.67% which is around a 0.3% and 0.4% improvement from the previous two periods.
  • The issue of staff visibility when transferring passengers from train to bus was raised. SP will liaise with the station team to identify the plan and how this is resourced. AP – SR

5) Revenue Collection

  • DS highlighted several issues in regards to the reporting of this section.

6) Rolling Stock

7) Financial Obligations and Undertakings

8) SQUIRE/Service Delivery Performance

Franchise facilities book

  • AW explained that there has been a lot of work going on between both teams. A solution has therefore been reached that means certain items will be removed from SQUIRE. These issues will now be identified and resolved out-with SQUIRE providing a more realistic timescale to complete.

9) Franchise Obligations Overview


  • CO 7.2, Fit auto-door close on all Class 156 vehicles in service – SR are still waiting on the breakdown of finances from Angel.

Programme & Transformation

  • CO 29.17, Account based ticketing pilot – Further discussion will take place at the Smart Forum.
  • CO 22.2, Install new TVMs x 126 (100 replacements and 26 new) – SP will get an update from Graeme Fiskin to bring to the Contracts Meeting. AP – SR

10) Communications

  • CO 32.3 Major Communication Plan
  • CO 33.1 EGIP marketing activities

11) AOB

Barcode ticketing

  • The RDG business plan on barcode installation for ticketing gates was discussed.

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