Rail Franchise performance meeting minutes - 14 January 2016

Transport Scotland attendees: Andrew Mackie (AM) Transport Scotland, Sarah Aitken (SA) Transport Scotland
Scotrail attendees: John McLachlan (JM), Sam Price (SP) ScotRail, Rob Shorthouse (RS) ScotRail
Transport Scotland apologies: Donald Smith (DS), Paula Somerville (PS), Agnes McKeever (AMc) Transport Scotland

1) Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.

2) Actions arising from previous meeting

Organogram – To be formally issued following the conclusion of ScotRail Alliance re-structuring process (early March). On-going

First Class offerings on c380 fleet (E&G and Ayrshire) – Action closed

International Rail Summit – Information has been provided by SR. TS have contacted the Minister’s office. TS to respond.
Post meeting note – TS contacted the Minister’s office and he is content for the timing of the summit to be in the autumn of 2016, later than originally planned. However due to the timing of the election no confirmation of attendance can be made at this time. We therefore suggest that SR arrange the event for one of the dates suggested in November and TS will liaise with the Minister’s office to confirm attendance once the election period is over. AP - SR

CO 23.2, Sustainability Innovation Fund – OHC to write formally to Stewart Cahill regarding this. – Action closed

CO 17.7, Colour coded timetables. Posters are being put on SR’s website and SR plans to have colour coded timetables for busy routes in placed by March 2016. AM proposed applying a part COPA, netted off at £500 to reflect the fact that TS did not receive the colour-coded timetables a month before they should be published. AM advised that the COPA would be applied to the fixed financial period which would be paid off in January. To be considered. AP - TS

CO 20.2, Online website – AM will provide an extract of the relevant delivery plan of the Abellio bid. AP - AM

CO 28.2, £5 fare – SR is hoping a Ministerial visit can go ahead and will keep TS updated. Due to the Forth Road Bridge the event didn’t take place but comms lines were issued alongside a quote from the Minister. – Action closed

CO 10.3, Customer experience, catering provision – On-going.

CO 24.6 – Train facilities available for charities – SR will confirm to TS what charities it will make payments to. AM said it would be beneficial if this can tie in with charities that would have benefited from using the train facilities. It was agreed that SR will give this payment to the charities it has invited to the training days. – Action closed

CO 6.2 – Strategic Rail Delivery Group – It was proposed that Alliancing should be part of the Agenda item. The CO notes that the Group will be a cross-industry advisory panel comprising key stakeholders from across the industry. The copa will be applied for November. SR to confirm members agree with meeting schedule. – Action closed

TS to get back to SR on the Train Plan. Meeting arranged and held on 17/12. - Action closed

Client & Communications – AM asked for information to be provided every three periods. Communications plan has been provided to TS and a combined SR and TS plan to be provided every three months. - Action closed

CO 24.2, Apprenticeships – PS noted that this CO breaks down apprenticeships by 4 Engineering, 2 Customer Service, 2 Tourism and 2 Hospitality. JM will ascertain if SR’s apprenticeships are broken down as stated in the CO. – Action closed

CO 24.14, Schools programme – Abellio’s bid document does not specify the number of school visits that should take place each month whereas the Franchise Agreement specifies 4 schools per month. JM has provided a statement of intent from a member of the Abellio bid team to TS. TS advised that the 4 schools specified in the Franchise Agreement are a result of the negotiation process and not a factual error. TS to confirm who the Abellio negotiation was with.
PMN – TS confirmed that the negotiation was with Mike Kean, Jan Chowdry and a legal representative.

Amendment Agreement – SR has not received a confirmed version of the FA yet. SA confirmed that a conformed copy should be available for issue next week.
– Action closed

20th March is the first date that the first three units will come into service. TS is comfortable with timescale and this can be signed off. – Action closed

Delay in passenger correspondence replies (implications for overall satisfaction KPI) – TS advised SR that there has been an influx in Ministerial correspondence lately due to delays or a lack of reply from SR to customer complaints. TS asked that KPIs on customer service be included as part of the Franchise Performance reporting pack. AP - SR

RS will speak to Ann Gray about communicating to customers during disruption. RS advised that Ann Gray has actioned this within SR. – Action closed

2) Actions arising from Franchise Quarterly

Quarterly minutes have been issued.

Discussion held on opportunities post Forth Bridge for options to retain units in terms of diesel strengthening post 2018. TS advised that still open to looking at opportunities to deliver ad hoc strengthening for Borders and would welcome indicative costs. SR to provide indicative costs. AP-SR

3) Service delivery performance (Schedule 7.1)

AM advised that the rural PPM will need to be monitored closely as performance is trending close to below benchmark.

TS will be writing to SR next week on capacity benchmarks. AP - AM

It was noted that there was a drop in PPM for Airdrie to Bathgate. AM advised that a relatively high volume of correspondence has been received regarding performance on the Airdrie to Bathgate line. AM to forward themes to RS. AP – AM

TS to speak to the timetable team regarding the process for regularising clock face departures for Queen Street post closure works. AP - AM

4) Service quality performance (Schedule 7.3)

It was noted that the figure for Squire for period 9 was high. There were unusual fines for the help point which SR advised had a system failure for three days and also for litter over the Christmas period. SR to raise with the exec the interaction with Network Rail. AP - RS

SR to confirm proposal for SQUIRE Investment Fund AP - SR

5) Financial obligations and undertakings (Schedule 12)

No issues raised.

6) Provision of Schedule 13 information

No issues raised.

7) Summary of all Committed Obligations delivered to date

Schedule 6.4 c156 CET fitment - There was a discussion on the programme of works. SR to confirm dates. AP - SR

CO 32.1 Dedicated customer service Franchise Employees – SR have created the 25 posts for key projects and are intending to fill them with agency staff. However unsure what the key projects will be after Queen Street and therefore what the staff’s role be? JM to write to TS with proposal and table of when and how staff will be called off. AP - JM

CO 17.6 Smart Devices for Franchise Employees - Smart devices not ITSO compliant.

CO 11.1 National Events Calendar – updated version is outstanding as was due on 9 January. SR to provide a copy. AP - SR

CO 13.2 Contingency planning app – Delivery was on or before 31 December 2015. RS advised that it has been rolled out. SR to provide evidence.
PMN – JM confirmed the app was available for staff devices in December 2015 and provided a staff brief.

CO 32.5 Real time data analysis – is scheduled for 31 January 2016. SR to provide evidence.
PMN – JM provided screenshots of the dashboard, and examples of the cancellations report.

CO 13.1 Train service contingency plans - Delivery was on or before 31 December 2015. SR to provide evidence. AP - SR

CO 3.10 Centres of Excellence and the Abellio Academy - Centre established and programme of events in place. JM to provide schedule. It was raised that there was an opportunity to have the Minister visit the centre.
PMN – JM provided schedule for year one events. TS contacted the Minister’s office and there is no time in his diary for him to attend an event prior to the election date and no confirmation of attendance beyond the May 2016 election can be made at this time. Suggest this is picked up again after the election period.

CO 23.1 Environmental management systems - TS to provide a response. AP - AM

8) Pending variations

No issues raised.

10) Communications

No issues raised.

11) AOB

Edinburgh Gateway, AM confirmed that documents were in the data-room which illustrates that the station was to be a staffed facility.

There was a discussion on the correspondence relating to CO 30.2 Transport Integration Fund.

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