Rail franchise performance meeting minutes - 14 January 2020


  • Allan Anderson (AA) Transport Scotland
  • Katie Sutton (KS) Transport Scotland
  • Julie Watson (JW) Transport Scotland
  • Mark Henderson (MH) Transport Scotland
  • Nicola Dawson (ND) ScotRail
  • Sam Price (SP) ScotRail
  • Mark O’Mailley (MO) ScotRail
  • Phil Campbell (PC) ScotRail
  • Phil Dargue (PD) Winder Phillips


  • Hilary Cameron (HC) Transport Scotland
  • Oi Hang Chu (OHC) Transport Scotland

Welcomes and introductions

AA welcomed all attendees to meeting.

Minutes of last meeting - 10 December 2020

Minutes from last meeting all agreed and taken as read by both TS/SR.

Actions from previous meeting

Actions discussed and agreed by TS/SR.

In Depth Discussion - Customer Experience

Phil Campbell: It was noted that effective cleaning of touch points was critical in terms of transmission and, staff were now using a new cleaning product called Guardisan which is effective in the fight against the virus. The cleaning programme was redrafted in EMA 1 which would look more at footfall at the different stations. 

SR note the difference between EMA 1 and EMA 2 is that there is more robust data with regards to footfall and effectiveness of cleaning regimes, SR also have mobile teams which go out to particular stations in addition to perm staff. SR ensured correct measures were in place for all staff.

PC notes that there is a process in place for identifying locations that may require additional support, SR advise that the regime doesn’t just cover cleaning, posters etc. SR have seen more stations being cleaned this period, but more are experiencing higher levels of sickness recently vice Covid.

SR note that they roster a ticket examiner on every service to ensure customers have support e.g.  passenger assist customer service and have provided staff with additional mitigating items e.g. “uniform sleeves” to put on so to mitigate against transmission Staff are also carrying out touchpoint cleaning, for example, wiping handrails and buttons which adds a layer of protection. PC advises that enhanced cleaning takes place when passengers are off the train, at a terminus rather than intermediate stations.

Station booking office - SR advise that coverage at main stations is 100% with other stations averaging around 95% coverage.

SR note that other TOCs have had their gates open until last year and SR kept gates operational as they had no on-board retailing which meant increased checks.

SR has deployed mobile squads in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Motherwell routes etc. SR have managed to normalise aspects around gates and now have new processes in major stations e.g. there are now individual retailing pods and have maintained taking cash and other TOCs went card only, SR have safe systems in place and working well. SR advise that there is also checks in Dyce and not just doing central belt.

Mark O’Mailley: Customer KPIs and analysis of correspondence - MO notes that a lower percentage of PIDD cancellation messages were updated within 20 minutes than out target level. The reasons for this are sickness absence/COVID outbreak in the Paisley CSC affecting staff resource available to update messages and the low volume of services currently running meaning that missing one message has a disproportionate impact on the statistics.

MO advises that operational reasons drove performance and that there were 3 incidents that were complex to deal with and did not achieve 20 minute target. PIP performance dropping below 97%.

MO notes that when a complaint is received that regardless at who’s at fault, the complaint is categorised in a way that it is always recorded against ScotRail and that ScotRail proactively deal with the complaint. There is slight frustration in general as have to report every complaint SR receives even although ScotRail may not be the main point of complaint

MO advises that if there’s anything else TS would like to see then to let him know as happy to add in.

Review of EMA Reporting Pack

TS colleagues have reviewed pack and shared queries with SR to provide responses and supporting evidence as required. ND advises that the response from SR should be with TS by next week.

Committed Obligations Review

Report received and has been circulated internally by JW for comments.

Franchise Performance Report - Any Matters Arising

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Issues of the moment

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No further comments from TS/SR.

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