Rail franchise performance meeting minutes - 14 September 2017


  • Allan Anderson (AA) Transport Scotland
  • Donald Smith (DS) Transport Scotland
  • Sarah Aitken (SA) Transport Scotland
  • Calum Campbell (CC) Transport Scotland
  • Sam Price (SP) ScotRail
  • Rob Shorthouse (RS) ScotRail
  • Nicola Dawson (ND) ScotRail
  • Heather Jordan (HJ) ScotRail

1) Minutes of Previous Meeting

All parties confirmed they are content with the previous minute.

2) Actions Arising from Previous Meeting

08/16/FM, International Rail Summit

It was agreed that this action would be moved from this forum onto a communications planned – Action Closed.

58/16/FM, Rolling stock

AM flagged an issue that may need correcting within the Delay Repay claim system. System gives no option for being unable to board an overcrowded train. SP ill research and work to get this remedied. – SP informed that SR are in the course of implementing the change on their website - Action On-going.

93/16/FM, Operations CO 1.1-1.4, Passenger numbers information (Quarterly provision)

Both parties agreed that a separate discussion on this would be worthwhile. – AA will discuss with Andrew Mackie and send meeting invite if necessary – Action On-going.

06/17/FM, Schedule 13.2 'B' data

AM asked if it would be worthwhile having someone from TS shadow the process for collecting this data in an effort to encourage a more joined appreciation and awareness of source information being provided

Ross Clark has spoken to Andy Miller but has not yet organised anything – Action On-going.

11/17/FM, Commercial - CO 34.7, New Homes Marketing Initiative (£50k for free one month season ticket)

DS informed that he had spoken with Cathy Craig who informed him that SR were struggling for uptake on this CO. DS requested a more detailed update and SP agreed to provide. – DS will progress – Action Closed.

20/17/FM, Strengthening plans

Forth Replacement Crossing, CC will follow this up with Dave Smith to gain a view of SR’s plans – AA noted that these arrangements went well and gave TS’s congratulations to Dave Smith and his team – Action Closed.

21/17/FM, Schedule 13.2

B report, AA queried as to whether it would be possible for figures on this to be converted into percentages as it would indicate a cleared picture. SR will action this – Action Closed.

25/17/FM, Commercial CO 6, Visit Scotland meetings and minutes (bi-annual)

ND will send the most recent minutes to PS. – Action Closed.

3) Franchise Variations and Changes

Several variations are forthcoming on Hull trains, Revolution in Rail and Fares Initiative.

4) Franchise Performance and Planning

ScotRail PPM for the period was 92.5%, meeting target. ScotRail PPM was 3.6% better for year on year.

The PPM MAA now stands at 90.9% which is 0.2% adverse to trajectory of achieving 91.7% at Period 9. MAA currently sitting at 90.94%, 0.39% above improvement plan.

All cancellations are below benchmark in all sectors.

The period capacity figure came in at 0.28%, The overall capacity MAA in the period was 0.36%, and remains 0.64% below benchmark of 1.0%.

AA noted that performance has been positive. RS agreed, highlighting that SR will promote this.

RS explained that, just as a new approach was taken during the Edinburgh Festival, SR intend to introduce a new approach during the Autumn months. SR will be active on social media, supplying a daily leaf fall forecast as well as an informative video highlighting the impact of leaves on the line.

AA highlighted that it may be useful to add some feedback into the reporting pack on how well major event planning works for SR. RS agreed that SR will do a case study and produce some feedback following the Scotland v Slovakia international football match. AP – SR

5) Revenue Collection

AA noted that the graphs provided by SR within the report are incredibly useful.

Figures for TVM’s are encouragingly increasing steadily.

DS highlighted the success of SR’s Switch Team in converting 557 customers to Smart during the period.

ScotRail Complaints per 100,000 Journeys for Period 5 were 23.9 which is down from 27.6 in the previous period and 28.8 from Period 5 of the year previous.

6) Rolling Stock


7) Financial Obligations and Undertakings


8) SQUIRE/Service Delivery Performance


9) Franchise Obligations Overview

P&T Smart Ticketing & New Trains

CO 29.11, New capability to load NEC/SPT products on ScotRail Smartcard – DS noted that this is recorded as complete however, highlighted that only the SPT part of the CO has actually been delivered. NEC capability is yet to be delivered. DS informed that this would be picked up at the Smart meeting but requested it is reflected within the reporting pack. AP – SR

It was noted that Edinburgh Gateway passenger numbers were increasing.

10) Communications


11) AOB

AA noted that TS were still to receive the Franchise Handover pack from SR. SP informed that this was being finalised last week and should be with TS soon.


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