Rail Franchise performance meeting minutes - 15 October 2015

Transport Scotland attendees: Sarah Aitken (SA), Oi Hang Chu (OC), Keavy O’Neill (KO)
ScotRail attendees: John McLachlan (JM), Sam Price (SP)

1. Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes from previous meeting agreed.

2. Actions arising from previous meeting

National Events calendar – outstanding. SR will provide latest version of National Events Calendar w/c 19 October 2015. AP-SR

Post meeting note: National Events Calendar provided to AM on 19 October 2015.

Controlled Emission Tank (CET) Variation – TS to check status and if required send final variation to SR. AP-TS

Monitoring of ATG queue times – ongoing. TS to analyse data and respond to SR.

Organogram – SR will provide organogram to TS imminently. However, this will be subject to change. AP-SR

Service delivery performance (Schedule 7.1)

Capacity Clydesdale service – closed.

Buy before boarding campaign – SR noted that they will provide feedback at a later date once the campaign is established and they have relevant data available.

Period 5 performance – ongoing.

On-Time Railway Groups – ongoing. SR will share reports related to On-Time Railway Groups. AP-SR

SQUIRE – ongoing. SR advised that information posters located at stations were provided under the previous franchise will not be updated under the new franchise, however, they will still be available to online.

A new contractor has been appointed to update onward travel posters.

Schedule 19 – damages to tables. Engineers are progressing repairs.

Schedule 27 – interchange points. List has been agreed and variation to be agreed.

Summary of all committed obligations delivered to date

Smart Season ticket holder benefits – TS has raised this separately with SR and response is awaited.

CO 28.10 ScotRail Club 50 Smartcard – ongoing. SR are still exploring off line registration solution. AP-SR

CO 3.3 Trade Union / TS attendance at every Franchise Board meeting – ongoing. AP-SR

CO 34.7 New homes marketing initiative – ongoing. SR to provide update at next Franchise Performance meeting. AP-SR

CO 30.11 Upgraded pay and display machines – closed.

Progress of Priced Options 2 (Stranraer) and 4 (Dunbar station)

Priced Option 2 (Stranraer) – discussed under item 9.

3. Service delivery performance (Schedule 7.1)

Period 6 Performance – OH noted the number of cancellations. SR recognise the need for resolution and it is expected that the recruitment of additional drivers will help address this issue.

SR are trying to encourage more off-peak journeys and the introduction of Smart specific products will help with SR’s strategy.

4. Service quality performance (Schedule 7.3)

SR highlighted slight decline in comparison to period 5 result, however still noted concern. SR to discuss internally.

5. Financial obligations and undertakings (Schedule 12)

No items for discussion.

6. Provision of Schedule 13 information

No items for discussion.

7. Summary of all Committed Obligations delivered to date

CO 17.7 Colour coded timetable - SR in discussion around how this information should be presented.

CO 32.6 Nexus Alpha live disruption tool on website and mobile app – work progressing.

CO 28.1 Introduction of Revenue Management System (RMS) – ongoing. SR progressing.

CO 34.5 First time traveller assistance – Staff information desks now in place. SR to align with particular role. Ongoing.

CO 9.1 Wifi availability on all trains – TS clear on position.

CO 3.3 Trade union / TS attendance at every Franchise Board meeting – discussed under actions from previous meeting.

CO 24.14 Schools programme to promote employment opps (4 schools p/m) – SA to confirm frequency of visits. AP - TS

CO 11.1 National Events calendar updated every 3 periods – discussed under actions arising from previous meeting.

CO 34.7 New homes marketing initiative - discussed under actions arising from previous meeting.

CO 23.1 Environmental management systems accredited to ISO014001 – TS aware of issues.

CO 30.11 Upgraded pay and display machines - discussed under actions arising from previous meeting.

CO 22.2 Install new TVMs x 126 (100 replacements and 26 new) – discussed at Stations Project meeting.

CO 22.5 New gatelines – SR to complete station surveys.

CO 15.3 ToGo Kiosks and 15.4 Ticket Plus – separate session has been arranged to discuss proposal.

CO 29.11 New capability to load NEC / SPT products on ScotRail Smartcard – SR are arranging separate session at end of November to discuss detail of this committed obligation. AP-TS

CO 29.5 Smartcard replacement facilities - TS has raised this separately with SR and response is awaited.

8. Pending variations

As per earlier discussion. Work continuing to close out a number of variations.

9. Progress of Priced Options

Priced Option 2 (Stranraer) - SR to write to TS and confirm details. AP-SR

10. Communications

SR continue to push positive comms messaging. SR have established Comms Champion meetings which TS also attend.

11. AOB

  • Passenger Counts to inform December 2015 Train Plan – SR to confirm if updated data will be incorporated into the December 2015 Train Plan. AP – SR
  • Integrated Ticketing Caledonian Sleeper/ ScotRail – ASR to confirm position on why an integrated ticket cannot be considered between Mallaig and Glasgow. The option of an integrated ticket is available through the Freedom of Scotland and Highland Rover ticket. AP – SR

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