Rail franchise performance meeting minutes - 15 October 2020


  • Oi Hang Chu (OHC) Transport Scotland
  • Julie Watson (JW) Transport Scotland
  • Allan Anderson (AA) Transport Scotland
  • Louise Robertson (LR) Transport Scotland
  • Nicola Dawson (ND) ScotRail
  • Sam Price (SAP) ScotRail
  • Gerry Skelton (GS) ScotRail
  • Rosie Thomson (RT) ScotRail
  • Nathan Milligan (NM) ScotRail
  • Phil Dargue (PD) Winer Phillips


  • Hilary Cameron (HC) Transport Scotland
  • Katie Sutton (KS) Transport Scotland
  • Mark Henderson (MH) Transport Scotland

Welcome and Introductions

AA introduced the meeting and thanked SR colleagues for the reporting pack. This was followed by a presentation from Gerry Skelton (HR Director) and the HR Team which provided an overview on the work of SR HR department.

Minutes of last meeting - 17 September 2020

Minutes from last meeting all agreed and taken as read by both TS/SR.

Deep Dive Presentation

GS covered:

1. Analysis of 12-month internal and external movement
2. Reward & Recognition
3. Diversity and Inclusion
4. iTrent system

SR Annual Movement Summary

NM noted that SR are facing a challenge with the age demographic over the next 5 years as the average retirement age of over the last year was 61.3 years (excluding IHRs), with the average length of service of these retirements at 30.1 years.

NM noted that there is a real need to focus on age and length of service when analysing each Directorate.

NM confirmed that the recruitment team were responsible for recruiting over 421 external new starts over this 12 month period alone. It was noted that significant recruitment was undertaken in Traincrew in line with Abellio strategy, as well as Gateline and Catering.

It was noted that roughly 1 in 5 Employees at SR are female and HR have recently appointed a Diversity & Inclusion manager with a long term strategy of reviewing Diversity & Inclusion targets within the organisation.

Reward & Recognition

GS advised that SR have GEM awards which recognises colleagues for displaying one of five business values and going the extra mile, managers are able to access the online recognition shop where they can purchase vouchers / gifts to the value of £30. SR also have “Thank you / E- cards” where peers can recognise each other by sending one of these to their colleague. Each card that is submitted is automatically entered into a random thank you card prize draw where the winner will receive a £50 voucher.

“Employee of the month” awards can be nominated by colleagues/managers and each nomination is discussed and assessed against SR values by the Recognition Decision Group (RDG) who then recommend the winner who will receive an extra day of annual leave and entered into the Employee of the Year award.

“Team of the Quarter” award can be nominated by any employee for going above and beyond their duties and the nomination is reviewed by RDG and then put forward for the Team of the Year award and announced at the Your Recognition award ceremony.

“Your Recognition Awards” sees employees being recognised for their contributions throughout the year, all employees can nominate their colleagues for an award and then a panel will assess nominations and top three for each category are invited to the event.

Diversity & Inclusion

GS confirms that ScotRail has appointed a full time Equality, Diversity and Inclusion specialist and a new steering group has been formed.

GS notes that HR are working with Recruit for Success project team who will introduce blind recruitment methodology and gender decoder app to ensure gender neutral language which supported the creation of inclusive new Careers Website. HR has been working closely with IT to test the site for full accessibility. Exec have signed an Inclusion Statement of Intent – on intranet, external website and promoted on social media. National Inclusion Week had a comprehensive programme of events throughout the week which is included in pack.

SR have been working on diversity targets and are focussing on gender, BAME and age, details of which are included in pack.

Inclusion targets - GS notes an increase in staff sharing their personal sensitive data and a reduction of leavers citing lack of inclusion as a result of their leaving the business.

Actions from last meeting - 17 September 2020

TS/SR both agree on actions.

Review of EMA Reporting Pack

TS colleagues have reviewed pack and shared queries with SR to provide responses and supporting evidence as required. 

Committed Obligations Review

No comments noted.

Franchise Performance Report - Any Matters Arising

AA noted that the effects of autumn do not appear to have had an impact on reporting yet.

EMA 1 Lessons Learned

SR would like to align the format of the Periodic reports to that of the final report, this will reduce the workload for SR and provide continuity.

TS to provide an updated meeting list (changes since EMA) and this can form the basis for discussion.


No further comments from TS/SR.

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