Rail Franchise performance meeting minutes - 15 September 2016

Transport Scotland attendees: Andrew Mackie (AM), Paula Somerville (PS)
ScotRail attendees: Sam Price (SP), Rob Shorthouse (RS)
Transport Scotland apologies: Donald Smith (DS), Sarah Aitken (SA), Alan Wardlaw (AW)

1) Minutes of Previous Meeting

  • Approved.

2) Actions Arising from Previous Meeting

  • Smartcards for Franchise Team business use – SP awaiting estimate. On-going.
  • Schedule 15, Passenger Count technology – The budget for a project manager has been put aside and the appointment is still to be made. AM asked if Alan McInally can attend the next meeting for 15 minutes and to also tie in with the December 2016 timetable change concerning capacity. SP will organise. AP - SR
  • Delay/Repay tables – SP provided an email commentary update for delay/repay which was produced subsequent to the Period 5 report.
  • CO tracker for Year 2 – Closed
  • CO 24.1, Investors in People (Gold) – SP is awaiting information. On-going.
  • CO 6.2, Establish Strategic Rail Delivery Group – SP attended an industry working group. SP will forward email to AM. AP - SP
  • CO 17.3 – Not Spot Solutions – Action closed.
  • CO 3.5 (Part B), Achieve ‘Times 100’ accreditation – On-going.
  • CO 23.1, Environmental management systems accredited to ISO 14001 – SP stated that this CO is self-assessed and advised that all actions have now been completed to achieve Level 3. SP will send an updated position to Sarah Aitken. AP - SP
  • Highland Mainline early services – Action closed.
  • December 2016 Timetable, assessing potential Borders strengthening – TS noted the current position has been clarified.
  • Special Events arrangements alongside planned engineering works – Acton closed.
  • Perennial SQUIRE fines – Action closed.
  • Second member of staff on trains – SP will provide a response on this. TS should receive this letter by early next week. AP – SP
  • International Rail Summit – RS to provide an update. AP – RS
  • Flex Carnet – SP to formally respond to TS on this. AP – SP
  • Concession youth travel scheme compensation – TS will send a letter to SR when it is finalised. AP - TS

3) Franchise Variations and Changes

  • Gateway staffing – ScotRail has sent TS information. TS to reply to SR. AP - TS

4) Franchise Performance and Planning

  • PPM for the Period was 88.9% against a target of 93%. MAA now stands at 89.7%.
  • Discussions took place which referred to the pending receipt of the ScotRail PPM Improvement Plan and the core areas of fleet, operations and infrastructure. To be provided next week. AP - SR
  • AM noted that there have been increasing occurrences of consecutive skip-stops of services and asked to know SR’s policy concerning skip-stops. SR to provide. AP - SR
  • AM asked about sentiments on extending the rules of the route – SR will provide an update. AP - SP
  • AM asked why the 380s need to be out of service between January-May? SR will provide an update. AP - SP
  • TS noted that there have been some complaints from passengers in Fife concerning capacity and fares. SP will look into the Fife market. AP - SP

5) Revenue Collection

  • AM noted that SR’s Switch Team which provides information and assistance to passengers for purchasing tickets in advance, has achieved 257 new sign ups for smart ticketing.
  • AM asked if SR could provide statistics regarding the time it takes to depart gates and plunging the gates. SP will provide this information. AP - SP

6) Rolling Stock

  • Auto close door – TS’s rolling stock team are seeking an audit trail regarding associated costs. SR happy to provide this information. AP - SR
  • Gauging on 320s – There is still work to be done and wider issue on the programme to achieve full clearance. SR will provide an update as events develop.

7) Financial Obligations and Undertakings

  • To be reviewed at the next meeting.

8) SQUIRE/Service Delivery Performance

  • Franchise facilities book – To be reviewed at the next meeting.

9) Franchise Obligations Overview

  • To be reviewed at the next meeting.

10) Communications

  • CO 32.3 Major Communication Plan – To be reviewed at the next meeting
  • CO 33.1 EGIP marketing activities – To be reviewed at the next meeting

11) AOB

  • To be reviewed at the next meeting.

Published Date 15 Sep 2016 Type Mode of transport