Rail franchise performance meeting minutes - 17 August 2017


  • Allan Anderson (AA) Transport Scotland
  • Calum Campbell (CC) Transport Scotland
  • Sam Price (SP) ScotRail
  • Rob Shorthouse (RS) ScotRail
  • Nicola Dawson (ND) ScotRail


  • Donald Smith (DS) Transport Scotland
  • Sarah Aitken (SA) Transport Scotland

1) Minutes of Previous Meeting

Both parties agreed they were content with the previous minute.

2) Actions Arising from Previous Meeting

08/16/FM, International Rail Summit

Action On-going.

05/17/FM, Revenue Protection

Phil Campbell would be invited to provide a more regular update on work being done. – TS are happy to be flexible on the timetable for these updates giving SR recent appointments – Action Closed.

06/17/FM, Schedule 13.2 'B' data

AM asked if it would be worthwhile having someone from TS shadow the process for collecting this data in an effort to encourage a more joined appreciation and awareness of source information being provided – AA will ensure that RC organises – Action On-going.

10/17/FM, Commercial - CO 17.7, Colour coded timetables

AM asked if this has been updated for the May timetable change. SR will follow up. – Action Closed.

15/17/FM AM expressed concerns raised by a colleague following a journey from Inverness Station

  • AM informed that staff held back boarding unnecessarily by manning the gate line and failed to assist passengers actively during boarding. SP ensured that SR will get a report from the local station manager and inform TS of the reasons behind this
  • SR explained that the cleaning at the station involved heavy equipment unsuitable for customers and this was the reasoning for holding back boarding – Action Closed.

3) Franchise Variations and Changes

No update.

4) Franchise Performance and Planning

Status update on Performance Improvement Plan

  • PPM MAA stands at 90.7%, which is 0.1% adverse planned trajectory; this follows on from PPM finishing at 93.7%, 0.7% better than target. This is also 2.6% better than the same period last year. The highest Weekday PPM of 96.8% was recorded on Tuesday, 04 July with 74 PPM failures. The MAA is currently sitting at 90.67%, 0.29% above improvement plan.
  • AA noted the upward trajectory and SR stated they were pleased with the progress being made.
  • AA noted that all cancellations are below benchmark in all sectors. The period cancellation figure came in at 0.72%. The overall cancellation MAA in the period is 0.87%, and remains below benchmark overall and within each service sector.
  • AA highlighted that although Capacity benchmarks for Express E&G and Express Other remain adverse to benchmark, there has been an improvement in Period 4.
  • AA highlighted that TS welcome SR’s strengthening plans for Edinburgh Festival.
  • In regards to the Forth Replacement Crossing, CC will follow this up with Dave Smith to gain a view of SR’s plans. AP – TS

5) Revenue Collection

  • AA noted positively that revenue protection on train, at station and from TVMs are all up on the same Period of last year.
  • In regards to the Schedule 13.2 – B report, AA queried as to whether it would be possible for figures on this to be converted into percentages as it would indicate a cleared picture. SR will action this. AP – SR

6) Rolling Stock

  • AA stated that he attended Springburn with GD to see the c158 being refurbished and the shell of the c156. The accompanying groups, including The Friends of the Far North Line, were impressed with the scope of the works being done.
  • AA informed that GD has reviewed MTIN and said there was positive progress being made.

7) Financial Obligations and Undertakings

  • It was noted that SR Complaints per 100k Journeys has decreased during Period 4.
  • RS informed that SR are now at the highest positive and lowest negative on social media indicator since Borders opened.
  • AA noted an increase in the uncovered turns and trains statistics. SP explained that this is a fluctuating and seasonal figure and that he is expecting to see a reduction in this following the holiday season. It was agreed that it would be more useful to include year on year figures within the report to give greater context. AP – SR

8) SQUIRE/Service Delivery Performance.

AA raised that station litter contamination and on-train posters were two performance improvement plan initiatives where figures have gone the opposite way from desired following the plans introduction. RS will raise this internally in order to analyse why the actions are not having the desired effect. AP – SR

9) Franchise Obligations Overview

Business Development

CO 11.2, Crowding project team (interim)

It was noted that this has now gone live and is proving useful.

CO 5.1, Service Development Statement on future SLC demands (15 months from PCD)

TS will arrange for Allan Brown to take this forward. AP – TS


CO 8.3, 7 x Class 321 units introduction

SP reported that the gauging was operating on a temporary certificate. This temporary certificate was extended to September and there is some extra work to be done in order to gain the permanent certificate. SP suggested that Syeda could provide a more detailed update.

P&T Smart Ticketing and New Trains

CO 29.11, New capability to load NEC/SPT products on ScotRail Smartcard – It was agreed this would be picked up at the Smart Forum.

10) Communications

No update.

11) AOB


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