Rail Franchise performance meeting minutes - 18 August 2016

Transport Scotland attendees: Andrew Mackie (AM), Calum Campbell (CC), Donald Smith (DS)
ScotRail attendees: Sam Price (SP), Rob Shorthouse (RS)
Transport Scotland apologies: Paula Somerville

1) Minutes of Previous Meeting

2) Actions Arising from Previous Meeting

  • Smartcards for Franchise Team business use – on-going AP – SR
  • Schedule 15, Passenger count technology – SP to inform TS of Cameron Legg’s replacement and TS will contact directly. AP – SR/TS
  • Delay/Repay tables – It was agreed that it would be preferable to include some narrative and conclusions. AP – SR
  • SR asked to see the CO tracker for Year 2. TS will send Compliance Management report to SR – on-going. AP – TS
  • CO 24.1, Investor in People (Gold) – SR are preparing evidence on this that will be available in the next week or so – Action Closed.
  • CO 24.1, Investor in People (Gold) – DS believes it makes sense to do this as an alliance. DS requested correspondence to support the timescales supplied. AP – SR
  • SR to provide a copy of the August train plan at least 3 weeks before it is implemented – Action Closed.
  • CO 17.7, Colour coded timetables – SP will send update to TS – Action Closed.
  • CO 24.11, Learning and Development certificate – SP will email TS clarification point and both parties will the work this through – Action Closed.
  • SR have closed out the recent variation. AM will speak to Sarah Aitken about this – Action Closed.
  • Schedule 13.2, TS have not yet received information in regards to the inter-year timetable change. SR will pick this up – Action Closed.
  • Schedule 13.2, SP will gain clarity on Delay Repay during strike action and update DS – Action Closed.
  • 6.2, Establish Strategic Rail Delivery Group – An interim arrangement was agreed in January. SR will provide an audit trail as requested by AM – on-going. AP – SR
  • Both parties agreed that, going forward, a permanent position needs to be agreed. TS and SR will meet on this following returns from annual leave – on-going. AP – TS/SR
  • 34.6, A9 dualling marketing strategy – DS asked if SR have been in contact with relevant TS staff regarding this. SP confirmed that they have. It was agreed that this may be worth picking up again and that DS would raise when meeting with ScotRail at the next Fares and Marketing meeting. Action Closed.
  • 17.3, Not Spot Solutions – SP will provide update to AM in next couple of days – on-going. AP – SR
  • 3.5 (Part B), Achieve ‘Times 100’ accreditation – SR advised that they are not eligible for this due to the size of the organisation and are therefore looking into alternative – on-going. AP – SR
  • 23.1, Environmental management systems accredited to ISO14001 and recertified every two years – SR reported that they are largely on track for Level 3. SP will share document with TS to see if it suffices for using all reasonable endeavours – on-going. AP – SR
  • 5.9, SMS compliant with Railway Management Maturity Model – SP queried, on David’s behalf, who at TS he should liaise with. SP will tell David to write to Sarah Aitken – This has been passed onto David – Action Closed.

3) Franchise Variations and Changes

  • Variation pending in relation to roll out of To Go Kiosks and Mobile TIS

4) Franchise Performance and Planning

  • There is a PSG meeting next week.
  • Performance for Period 4 was 91.1% against a target of 93.1%. The PPM MMA now stands at 90.0% which is 0.3% adverse to target.
  • Cancellations are below benchmark in all sectors.
  • Capacity benchmarks are adverse to benchmark, for Express E & G and Express Other.
  • TS informed that the Minister is keen to have a clear position on how performance trending for the 1st year anniversary of Borders Railway, and measures in place to improve the situation across infrastructure and fleet.
  • Highland Mainline early services – SP will need to get an update on this. AP – SR
  • December 2016 (General) – TS enquired as to whether there was any December 16 strengthening that they could point to in order to help the position on Borders anniversary date. SR will look into this. AP – SR
  • On the point of c314’s being used to serve Inverclyde in order to release c380’s for E&G, AM asked where these units will go if not operating on E&G. SR will look into this and update TS. AP – SR
  • Special Events – AM requested that SR look specifically at arrangements for National / Special events alongside the planned engineering works. AP - SR

5) Revenue Collection

  • Unpaid Fares Strategy – The new wave of exercises take place on Monday 22 August and Thursday 25 August. These will take place on the East Kilbride line. DS asked if the £30 admin fee has always been charged. SR confirmed that this was the first time. SR plan to do leaflet drops on the line to make people aware that this is happening.
  • DS identified an issue with the graphs as they indicate we are on Period 7. RS explained that it appeared they have been created using the Calendar Year.

6) Rolling Stock

  • 6.4 CI156 CET fitment – all 47 units to be fitted by Dec 2017 – on track.
  • Total paid on Delay Repay is slightly lower than the previous period.

7) Financial Obligations and Undertakings

  • -

8) SQUIRE/Service Delivery Performance

  • AM informed SR that there would be a positive proposal coming from TS to SR shortly in a bid to resolve the issue of some of the perennial SQUIRE fines, where corrective works for structures typically fall outwith the standard two day turnaround period. AP – TS
  • TS and SR agreed to work towards a greater shared understanding of what the problems and trends are. AP – TS/SR
  • Second member of staff issue – AM informed SR that the Minister is keen to see TS respond to the data provided by ASLEF. TS have completed some analysis of this information alognside ScotRail’s own analysis and will write to ScotRail formally during P6. AP – TS

9) Franchise Obligations Overview

  • 4.1, International Rail Summit – RS will provide an update. AP – SR
  • Flex Carnet – SR are doing stress testing on the customer view of becoming a smart customer. Early feedback has been taken to make some changes.
  • TS stated they will contact other operators regarding the acceptance of smart season tickets on non ScotRail services. AP – TS
  • 24.1, Investor in People (Gold) – SR confirmed that they are going to go ahead with this.
  • 29.4, New ITSO capable handheld ticket validation machines for on-train – SR told that there is a plan in place for December.
  • 22.2, Install new TVMs x 126 (100 replacements and 26 new) – TS informed SR that there are potential COPA and SQUIRE risks.
  • TS agreed to share their Year Two report with SR. AP – TS
  • SP stated he was conscious that concession youth travel scheme compensation discussions have not progressed. TS informed they will write formally to SR to advise they are planning to amend the scheme to reflect new administration processes of the scheme. AP – TS

10) Communications

  • RS suggested having a meeting to set this out more efficiently than it has been recently. RS will set this up. AP - SR

11) AOB

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