Rail franchise performance meeting minutes - 18 July 2019


  • Allan Anderson (AA) Transport Scotland
  • Sarah Aitken (SA)    Transport Scotland
  • Mark Henderson (MH) Transport Scotland
  • Hiliary Mains (HM) Transport Scotland    
  • Sam Price (SP) ScotRail  
  • Nicola Dawson (ND) ScotRail


  • Oi Hang Chu (OH) Transport Scotland
  • Kieran McLachlan (KM) Transport Scotland

1) Review of previous meeting Minute / Actions

Minutes from previous meeting approved.

2) Franchise Variations and Changes

No changes

3) Franchise Performance

PPM Benchmarks

ScotRail PPM for P3 was 89.9% and the PPM MAA increased 0.1% to 87.18%. SR expect PPM MAA to start to rise from P4, with a strong period so far. All of the areas SR are in Breach are covered in the Remedial Agreement with Transport Scotland.

Introduction of the May timetable was a success and there are now consistently 11 HST’s in traffic each day.

Period performance was impacted by flooding at Falkirk, HST exhaust malfunction at Queen Street and a LNER train breakdown at Haymarket.


The percentage of seats not provided in period 3 was 0.12% and the MAA remains better than target. We are now seeing 11 out of 11 planned HSTs in service. It was another strong period for capacity in the Suburban East Sector with 99.75% of planned seats provided to Fife, Borders, North Berwick and Edinburgh-Dunblane passengers.

Cancellation Benchmarks

The period cancellation figure was 1.44% and the MAA improved marginally to 2.08% so remain in PIP.

The biggest cause of cancellations was Traincrew and are confident that due the Remedial Plan commitments there will soon be improvements in this area.

Performance Remedial Plan

AA noted the progress that is being made on the remedial plan, covered at the four weekly meetings, with a number of milestones complete, with the rest on track.                                                                 

4) Service planning

AA noted the continuing withdrawal of C314 units on Inverclyde.

Highlights of Dec 19 timetable include half hourly Inverurie to Aberdeen and E&G becoming fully 8 car operation.

Edinburgh Festival - 20% more capacity on Saturdays for the festival.

WHL 125TH anniversary – HST running to Glenfinnan as part of the celebrations on 18th August. Festival of Rail taking place in Waverley on 25th August.

5) Revenue Collection

Revenue performance figures by channel noted.

6) Rolling Stock

FRAP process is ongoing and involved detailed review of MTIN performance associated with performance improvement activities.

SR to write to TS regarding MTIN.

7) Financial report

AA noted the Delay-Repay increase from P3 2018/19 to P3 this year. SP noted spike in claims around December and it is now on a downward trajectory.

AA praised SR for no uncovered train turns during P3 which is a continuing positive trend. SP noted recruitment of TE’s on-going.

8) SQUIRE/Service Delivery Performance

MH noted that there was an improved performance for P3, with an improvement in Schedule 1.3, Schedule 5 and 7 and overall trends remain positive.

9) Franchise Obligations Overview

Report noted.

10) Marketing and Sales

Website transactions were up 10% in P3 vs P3 last year

No change in SMART uptake with over all uptake at 10.4% of journeys, seasons now up to 44% . Areas to be targeted were discussed at SMART meeting, which has was held on 17 July 2019.

Scenic trains package launched in June, West Highland Line CRP very enthusiastic about it.

11) HR

Report noted.

12) Correspondence

AA noted that correspondence received by ScotRail in the period appeared to be regarding specific train issues rather than route or general performance issues

13) AOB


Date of next meeting: 14th August 2019

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