Rail Franchise performance meeting minutes - 19 January 2017

Transport Scotland attendees: Andrew Mackie (AM), Donald Smith (DS), Calum Campbell (CC)
ScotRail attendees: Sam Price (SP), Nicola Dawson (ND)

1) Minutes of Previous Meeting

2) Actions Arising from Previous Meeting

Franchise Performance and Planning – Publication of right time at terminating stations reports needs to be amended. SR will revisit the public reporting of performance / right time. – SP will write to TS in order to close this off formally – On-going. AP – SR

Both parties agreed to have a separate meeting on the journey time metric KPI in relation to advance review of future timetable changes. – On-going.

In regards to the 5.7% figure given with the report, DS has emailed Phil Campbell to clarify what this figure relates to. – DS is awaiting a reply from Phil Campbell – On-going.

Discussing Schedule 13.2, AM highlighted that TS were still to be sent the relevant “A” data due at Passenger Change Date (December 2016). SP acknowledged this and will respond. – ND has now picked this up and is currently collating the information. ND will send this to AM by the end of the month and going forward – On-going. AP – SR

Commercial, CO 17.7, Colour coded timetables – SR to provide updated posters as soon as possible in January. TS will be looking to be provided with future information four weeks in advance of the May change. – ND informed that these are with the printer and are due to be sent out for the beginning of w/c January 23rd – Closed.

Commercial, CO 22.4, Mobile ticketing app / crowding info – AM highlighted that he believes SR have noted an incorrect committed date within the report. This should be December 2018 instead of 31/03/2017. – ND explained that there are two dates within this CO, resolving the confusion – Closed.

Commercial, CO 27.1, Tourism Ambassadors – Both parties agreed to plan a future meeting on this commitment. – A meeting is arranged for January 20th – Closed.

Finance, IT & Procurement, CO 17.3, Not Spot Solutions – SP asked if there were any updates on this that TS copy Alan into correspondence. AM will share the contact details of SG digital colleagues in relation to Wi-Fi. – AM to speak to Oi Hang Chu to provide contact details of digital chart at Atlantic Quay – On-going. AP – TS

3) Franchise Variations and Changes

AM requested the four-weekly passenger flows out of Edinburgh Gateway. SP will supply. AP - SR

4) Franchise Performance and Planning

Status update on Performance Improvement Plan

AM highlighted that Period 10 was good and acknowledged the work of the new Performance Improvement Team explaining that figures are encouraging.

Re-focussing on Period 9, PPM for the Period was 83.7% against a target of 89%. The MAA remains at 89.8% which is 1.7% worse than trajectory.

All Cancellations are within target.

AM asked SR to re-send the Event Planning link previously sent, this time stating that it is regularly updated with live information. AP – SR

SR will provide an events update at the next meeting. AP – SR

5) Revenue Collection

SP highlighted that it was encouraging to see On-Train and TVM figures moving in a positive direction.

6) Rolling Stock

AM explained to SR that it would be useful to know the 2 reported days where there was ‘Any instance of 50% or more of the Passenger Services in the Timetable being the subject of a Cancellation on any day on any line or route or in any Service Group.’ SR will provide. AP – SR

For Fleet Availability %, Haymarket 158 was 2% and c314 was 1% below target while all others were on or above target.

It was highlighted that Delay Repay increased as a result of a failure at Edinburgh on December 17th.

7) Financial Obligations and Undertakings

Captured separately at the Finance Meeting.

8) SQUIRE/Service Delivery Performance

9) Franchise Obligations Overview

CO 4.1, International Rail Summit – RS to provide an update. AP – SR


SR member to be invited to next meeting in order to talk through automated passenger count information. AP – SR

Human Resources

CO 5.4, Train 50% of ticket examiners in dealing with anti-social behaviour/vandalism – This has been agreed and SR are aligned with new targets.

Programme & Transformation

CO 8.4, Class 385 Introduction (Hitachi AT200) – AM highlighted that the first of these has now arrived in Scotland and is currently going through the first stage of testing at Inverclyde.

10) Communications

11) AOB

AM queried as to whether the ‘lean’ philosophy is still being operated throughout the business as it was in Year 1. SP confirmed that this was still very much encouraged where applicable. AM asked if there were any opportunities for TS to tap into training courses. SP will bring any to AM’s attention. AP – SR

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