Rail franchise performance meeting minutes - 19 July 2017


  • Allan Anderson (AA) Transport Scotland
  • Sarah Aitken (SA) Transport Scotland
  • Sam Price (SP) ScotRail
  • Lynne Kerr (LK) ScotRail


  • Andrew Mackie (AM) Transport Scotland
  • Rob Shorthouse (RS) ScotRail
  • Donald Smith (DS) Transport Scotland
  • Calum Campbell (CC) Transport Scotland
  • Nicola Dawson (ND) ScotRail

1) Minutes of Previous Meeting

All attendees agreed they were content with the minute from the previous meeting.

2) Actions Arising from Previous Meeting

08/16/FM, International Rail Summit

Action ongoing – no change

50/16/FM, Communications planner – Action On-going.

Still ongoing – both sides fed-back that this is a useful initiative.

58/16/FM, Rolling stock

AM flagged an issue that may need correcting within the Delay Repay claim system.  System gives no option for being unable to board an overcrowded train. SP will research and work to get this remedied. – Action On-going. SP

SP to provide update on system change.

93/16/FM, Operations CO 1.1-1.4, Passenger numbers information (Quarterly provision)

Both parties agreed that a separate discussion on this would be worthwhile. – TS agreed to monitor.  Ongoing. 

03/17/FM New trains and Revolution in Rail

SP reiterated that delay to the energisation of EGIP means that it is no longer possible to plan for electric trains to run during the Edinburgh Festival.  As a result, SR will no longer be able to provide the additional capacity intended on the Edinburgh – Glasgow corridor.  AM requested that SR consider the short-term availability of units from other TOCS during this period.  AM confirmed that he would look into any funding opportunities to take this forward.   ASR had been able to free up additional DMUS for the period of the festival. TS asked for their thanks to be passed on to DS and the Comms team for the draft providing TS with all the information they need.  This allowed TS to get a brief to the Minister.  Main issue was getting into Edinburgh from outlying areas – not in and around area. Good news story on the rail front. - Action to be closed.


AM asked if the spot bidding procedure to accommodate the C385’s shorter journey times was still available to SR, even if the programme has now slipped until October.  SR will take this question away and respond to TS. DS confirmed still possible to bid electric timings.  Action closed.

05/17/FM Revenue Protection

PC would be invited to provide a more regular update on work being done. Invite PC to one in every 3 meetings.  PC to be invited to September meeting. Ongoing

10/17/FM Commercial - CO 17.7, Colour coded timetables

AM asked if this has been updated for the May timetable change.  SR will follow up. Action on-going

12/17FM Engineering - CO 1.6a (II), Passenger count-30% of the fleet

SR will provide an update for the next meeting now that this has been fitted. Updated report to be provided by APC.   Action – ongoing


SP highlighted that HR are receiving duplicate and multiple requests for information. DS to work with PS to streamline the process and avoid duplication. DS and PS still working on this. ScotRail keen to streamline how they provide information. Action ongoing

3) Franchise Variations and Changes

The large outstanding variation has been sent back for final approval by SA.  SP should have this cleared next week.

4)  Franchise Performance and Planning

Status update on Performance Improvement Plan

  • PPM MAA stands at 90.5%.  A number of high performing days were recorded in the past week, so it’s going in the right direction
  • AA observed that cancellation figures remain below benchmark - came in at 0.68%. AM & DB are looking at doing analysis of those.  Look at long-term trends rather than days.
  • Capacity is below benchmark, but there are still concerns re Express E&G.  Contract variation to be agreed for Hull trains.   AP – SR/TS

New Trains Revolution in Rail

Revolution in Rail letter of intent being progressed for approval.  Intention to finalise formal variation for May 18 as soon as possible thereafter.

May Timetable

Engineering work at Croy/Larbert.

Forthcoming Major Events

  • Edinburgh Festival
  • Eminem at Bellahouston Park
  • TRNSMT Festival – SR to advise how this went

New event to be flagged to DS, which is different this year from its normal format. A Country & Western Festival, which will be held in Millport from 1-3 September, happens every year, but this year, it has been taken over by a new organiser. 

  • Key country and western names from the USA are coming over especially for this festival. There will be approximately 25,000 tickets.
  • Ferry sailings have been increased for this event. So rail – e.g. to Largs, might be affected.  Increase of passengers on the Fri/Sat/Sun.

Rolling Summary Table

  • Development on service level to Carlisle.  Moving in right direction.
  • SP to provide an update

Edinburgh Festival

TS happy to see engagement with RTPs

5) Revenue Collection

6) Rolling Stock

7) Financial Obligations and Undertakings 

Covered this by talking about Ticket Office Closures.  SR grateful that TS are looking into this early.  To be implemented in Period 7.  Update to be provided.

8) SQUIRE/Service Delivery Performance

9) Franchise Obligations Review

Committed obligations - 12 are in red status, 10 in amber.

Low level discussion required.  Way forward to be agreed.

Programmes and Transformation

CO 29.19 RAIL/SAIL pilot

No additional update at the moment. 

CO 8.4 Class 385s

ASR is monitoring progress against manufacturing programme. Hoping infrastructure will be made available for revised dates.

CO 30.6 Station CIS

ASR to provide update  to TS on current project status.

CO 22.2 TVMs

New TVMs have now all been installed.  Discussions with regards to rolling out help point functionality on TVMs, are continuing.

CO 30.11 Upgraded Pay & Display Machines

All now completed. OHC to sign off for completion.

Safety and Sustainability

CO 23.7 Reduce Non Traction use

DL’s team looking into this. Regarding the adjustments we need to make to reflect additional assets on the infrastructure – this is to be discussed at next meeting.


Sales and Marketing

More than 20% of season ticket journeys are now made on Smart. 

Edinburgh Gateway

Statistics seem to be improving.  P1 & P2 saw a sharp increase from period 13.  It’s encouraging that things are moving in the right direction. 

10) Communications 

11) AOB 


Discussions held with DfT with regards to barcodes.  ScotRail had dialogues with other TOCs. AA requested an update. Action - SR


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