Rail Franchise performance meeting minutes - 2 March 2017

Transport Scotland attendees: Andrew Mackie (AM), Donald Smith (DS), Calum Campbell (CC), Allan Anderson (AA)
ScotRail attendees: Sam Price (SP), Nicola Dawson (ND), Rob Shorthouse (RS), Phil Campbell (PC), Angus Thom (AT), Andy Ritchie (AR), Helen Mitchell (HM)

1) Minutes of Previous Meeting

2) Actions Arising from Previous Meeting

04/16/FM, CO 6.2 Establish Strategic Rail Delivery Group – On-going

08/16/FM, International Rail Summit – RS has spoken to Abellio and they are looking to identify suitable dates towards the end of the year – On-going.

50/16/FM, TS informed ScotRail that Sarah O’Loughlin has pulled together a communications planner for the Minister. RS will catch up with Sarah and populate this. – On-going.

58/16/FM, Rolling stock - AM flagged an issue that may need correcting within the Delay Repay claim system. System gives no option for being unable to board an overcrowded train. SP will research and work to get this remedied. – AA flagged that this issue is beginning to manifest itself into correspondence. SP informed that there are internal discussions taking place and a solution is close. SR will respond to TS once this is confirmed – On-going.

69/16/FM, AM noted that for the Seats Not Provided % there was an increase in the period to 1.90% for the Express Sector E&G as well as a to 1.17% for the Suburban East Sector. AM requested feedback on the reasons for this. SR will come back to TS. – ND provided an update from Andy Miller, highlighting that this had been a significantly difficult period but there had since been improvement – Closed.

70/16/FM, AM asked SR to re-send the Event Planning link previously sent, this time stating that it is regularly updated with live information. – TS have now received this – Closed.

72/16/FM, SR will provide details of the 2 reported days where there was ‘Any instance of 50% or more of the Passenger Services in the Timetable being the subject of a Cancellation on any day on any line or route or in any Service Group.’ – ND provided an update from Andy Miller – Closed.

76/16/FM, Engineering, SR member to be invited to next meeting in order to talk through automated passenger count information. – Closed

81/16/FM, TS requested to see the results of the ticketless travel survey – PC will provide an update – On-going.

3) Phil Campbell – Revenue Protection, Ticketless Travel and Fraud

PC delivered a detailed presentation on revenue protection, ticketless travel and fraud.

AA questioned if SR’s focus is on decreasing the queues in stations such as Glasgow Central. PC confirmed this point.

4) Franchise Variations and Changes

5) Franchise Performance and Planning

 - Status update on Performance Improvement Plan

A Performance Improvement Workshop took place on Friday 24th February. AA highlighted that performance looked to be taking a positive trend and that the incentive will now be on trying to move the conversation along to the good investment that is coming.

PPM MAA for the Period was 90.1% which is 1.7% adverse to trajectory of achieving 92.0% at year end, and is 0.2% below Improvement Plan Level.

All cancellations are within targets.

However, the capacity benchmarks remain adverse to target.

In regards to planning, the positive effect of the Performance Improvement Plan was discussed and there has been further localised tweaks made to timetabling e.g. the Gyle line.

AM highlighted that the temporary 6 car train operation on the North Berwick route is a good news story.

Strengthening plans for the rugby internationals were discussed.

6) Revenue Collection


7) Rolling Stock

AM noted that fleet availability was all above contractual target.

8) Financial Obligations and Undertakings

In regards to the Delay Repay complaints KPI per 100,000 journeys, AA noted a 32.1% spike and queried as to whether there was any backlog that resulted in this. SP will research and update. AP – SR

9) SQUIRE/Service Delivery Performance

There is a meeting scheduled for March 8th in which this will be covered.

10) Franchise Obligations Overview

SP raised the question of how CO’s for Year 2 could be closed out. SP suggested introducing a close out factor on the SR tracker. AM agreed to this as narrative and then TS can request evidence accordingly.

Client & Communications

CO 27.3, Vegetation study/clearance of scenic routes £70k per year – RS alerted that the CO details spending £20k on carrying out a survey. RS informed that he has spoken to NR and they already have the results of such a survey. RS therefore questioned if this would be an efficient use of money. TS agreed that they are content for SR to progress with using the NR survey, saving the £20k. RS will provide evidence at the next meeting. AP – SR


CO 1.6a (II), Passenger count (30% of the fleet) – AR attended the meeting and gave an update on this CO. AR informed that the 30% commitment had now been achieved.

AR provided TS with a report of the detail presented.


CO 1.1-1.4, Passenger numbers information (Quarterly provision) – Both parties agreed that a separate discussion on this would be worthwhile. AP – SR/TS

AM notified SR that there was a version of the report provided in the last franchise that fails to be covered in the current reporting. AR confirmed that he will aim to remedy this issue and modify the report to be more similar to the previous format. AP – SR

Programme and Transformation – Smart Ticketing and New TrainCO 22.3, New ScotRail web ticketing solution on the website – HM reported that this has now technically been delivered. HM believes the communications event is being tied in with flexi-pass.

CO 29.14, Flexipass – HM informed that this is not yet in the live environment.

11) Communications

RS informed that he send out the 2017 Activity Planner yesterday (March 1st) and will make sure to forward this onto AA following the meeting. AP – SR

12) AOB

AA raised the fact that NRPS will be out again in June. Both parties agreed to organise a discussion with Transport Focus. AP – SR/TS

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