Rail Franchise performance meeting minutes - 20 August 2015

Transport Scotland attendees: Andrew Mackie (AM), Donald Smith (DS), Paula Somerville (PS), Agnes McKeever (AcM)
ScotRail attendees: John McLachlan (JM)
ScotRail apologies: Ian McConnell (IM), Rob Shorthouse (RS)

1) Minutes of previous meeting


2) Actions arising from previous meeting

Meeting structures – AM has sent proposals to SR regarding passenger numbers and capacity. SR response awaited. AP - SR

Performance of measures statistics – Information is on SR’s website and SR is working on proposed destinations for stations. AM noted that checking this information at stations will likely be used as a SQUIRE resource but would not be penalised under SQUIRE as it is a COPA, a process will need to agreed. Action closed for the time being.

Special events calendar – SR to provide updated calendar to TS AP - SR

TS non-executive membership of the Alliancing Board – This has been factored into TS’s media planner. Action closed.

7x Class 321 introduction – Action closed.

CET variation – TS will reply to SR on this variation. AP - TS

Open Golf, SR to provide information how successful the product was alongside Winchburgh tunnel works – Ongoing.

Cancellations for Period 3 – SR confirmed the figures in the previous Report were incorrect and have now been corrected. Action closed.

Breakdown of figure for three minutes delay or more expressed as miles per technical failure – Information in the Report has been provided per fleet. Action closed.

Schedule 13.2, B information, ScotRail vehicles locked out of use – Action closed.

CO 17.1 – AM has been in discussions with Sam Price regarding this.

Monitoring ATG queue times (Schedule 1.3 – Clause 4.5) – JM advised that SR do not record queuing times but they do record plunge times when barriers are open because it is a safety hazard if too many people are on the platforms. JM will share the information he has with TS. AP - JM

Organisation Chart (Schedule 11, Clause 2.2) – SR is still undertaking consultations to conclude business reporting structures. Action ongoing. AP - SR

Borders station – Formal permission from TS to operate Border services has been granted to SR. Action completed.

3) Service delivery performance (Schedule 7.1)

PPM for Period 4 was 92%, this was against a target of 92.3%.

Planning Report – TS noted that Winchburgh and Open Golf planned services were a success.

SLC contract - AM will write to SR formally about the SLC development for December 2016 and May 2017. AP - AM

4) Service quality performance (Schedule 7.3)

SQUIRE performance improved in Period 4, totalling -60,145. This is a significant reduction from previous periods.

5) Financial obligations and undertakings (Schedule 12)

Revenue Protection report – DS noted that the findings of Annual Ticketless Travel survey report appeared to be based on a more robust methodology and brought ScotRail in line with all other UK TOCs in terms of how ticketless travel and fare evasion is measured. It was also noted many people continue to purchase their tickets on trains rather than at stations and options to minimise ticketless travel and fare evasion would be jointly considered. Smart ticketing may also improve the situation.


Equipment Reliability – AM asked if the number of faults noted in the chart in the Report for TVM/Avantix reliability is tolerable in relation to the number of transactions? JM will look into this. AP - JM

6) Provision of Schedule 13 information

The number of refunds made due to delay was 11,045.

JM agreed to investigate if there is information missing from the Schedule 13.2 Earnings data.
Post Meeting Note – JM has looked into this and advised AM that the only difference from the information previously supplied was that Sleeper data was no longer provided.

7) Summary of all Committed Obligations delivered to date

CO 16.2, NPS surveys – AM has agreed to share a note with SR to ensure both parties have clarity in the calculation of averages detailed in Schedule 7 of the Franchise Agreement.

CO 16.3, SQMS mystery shopper surveys – JM will provide TS with an update. AP – JM

CO 5.1 – Eye witness incident reports – DS asked for a flavour of what the launch will look like? SR will provide this. AP - JM

Schedule 13.4, 6.2, Staff uniforms – JM will provide an update and advise TS when the delivery date is expected. AP - JM

8) Pending variations

TS will respond to SR on the CET variation.

9) Progress of Priced Options 2 (Stranraer) and 4 (Dunbar station)

POs are progressing well.

10) Communications

TS would like SR to present a communications strategy for forward planning. JM confirmed that SR is already working on a strategy on this principle.

11) AOB

Quarterly meeting (Schedule 11, Clause 8 (e) – Dates for the Franchise Performance Quarterly meeting have now been set. Dominic Booth will attend for Abellio Group. TS will consider the shape of the agenda.

At the next Franchise Performance meeting AM requested that James Ledgerwood, Head of Economic Development, attends part of the meeting to provide an update on ScotRail activities in this area. AP - JM

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