Rail franchise performance meeting minutes - 20 September 2018


  • Allan Anderson (AA) Transport Scotland
  • Hilary Cameron (HC) Transport Scotland
  • Fiona Mackay (FM) Transport Scotland
  • Sam Price (SP) ScotRail

1) Minutes of Previous Meeting

Both parties are content with the previous minute.

2) Actions Arising from Previous Meeting

06/17/FM, Schedule 13.2 'B' data

AM asked if it would be worthwhile having someone from TS shadow the process for collecting this data in an effort to encourage a more joined appreciation and awareness of source information being provided – Action Closed.

08/18/FM, CommercialCO 28.11, ScotRail air-add on fares pilot for Logan Air passengers

SR will provide a report on key findings from the pilot phase. AM noted potential opportunity to promote connectivity with Islands subject to affordability. – Action Closed.

09/18/FM, Commercial, CO 34.7, New Homes Marketing Initiative (£50k for free one month season ticket)

SP will ask JL to provide an update. SR are liaising with a number of building companies in Kilmarnock and expect the project to begin in late September/October – Action On-going.

17/18/FM, Performance

SR will write to TS regarding the potential correlation between fail to stop and cancellations. Avenues explored under different workstreams. - Action Closed.

17/18/FM, Revenue Collection

SR agreed to share their Ticketless Travel survey with TS. PC updated that SR will release the first set of data next week and this will be shared with TS SP to provide post meeting update – Action On-going.

18/18/FM, 98.22% of passenger services in the timetable were covered during Period 3.

SR noted difficulties collating this information due to annual leave and assured that the format within the report will be rectified for the next period. – Trends will be reviewed over the coming periods. – Action Closed.

20/18/FM, Finance, IT & Procurement, CO 17.3, Not Spot Solutions

SA raised that TS has asked for evidence but nothing has yet been received from SR. SP will seek to clarify the reason for delays and report to TS. – Action Closed.


SA raised a discussion from a previous Contract meeting and enquired if TS could have sight of the up to date SR CO tracker each period. This would be of assistance and alleviate additional work demands for both parties, in particular, in response to the recommendation from TS’s latest internal audit. SR will consider and respond to TS. SP noted SR would be keen to support an improvement of the current process. – AA noted that this was very helpful and both parties agreed they will get into a cycle going forward – Action Closed.


AA asked what assurance TS can get from SR that figures in the reporting pack are correct, emphasising the importance of this in reference to Ministerial quotes and such. SP proposed that TS and SR have a meeting, allowing Gordon Stewart to give TS a walkthrough of how these figures are collated and reported, in turn providing assurance. It was agreed that this would be useful and SR will organise. – SR agreed to report against Franchise Targets – Action Closed.


AA told that Paula Somerville is awaiting a response from SR on MobileTIS printers. SP will pick this up. SP will chase for response. – Action On-going.


It was highlighted that Delay Repay financials have increased from Period 3 to Period 4. DS noted that there has been a Trespass/Fatality increase and queried if this was related to the school holidays. SR will investigate and report back to TS. SR conclude trend is general and not holiday related. Trespass/ Fatality statistics are under constant review. Safety is covered under Quarterly meeting.

3) Franchise Variations and Changes

Both parties agreed that these are up-to-date.

4) Franchise Performance and Planning


  • ScotRail PPM in Period 5 was 89.2%.
  • The PPM MAA now stands at 88.24% against a Franchise Agreement target of 92.13%.
  • The percentage of seats not provided in Period 4 was 0.47%. The MAA is now 0.48% which is well below target of 1.0%.

5) Revenue Collection

Not discussed.

6) Rolling Stock

Not discussed.

7) Financial Obligations and Undertakings

98.87% of passenger services in the timetable were covered during Period 5.

8) SQUIRE/Service Delivery Performance

AA commented on improvement in uncovered stations and the amount of penalty reduction from Period 4 to Period 5. SQUIRE continues to be monitored through its own forums.

9) Franchise Obligations Overview

  • This report has not been included due to an Audit Request.
  • The Auditors are content with the revised process.

10) Communications

  • AA asked if feedback had been received on the Glasgow/Edinburgh festivals radio campaign. SP commented that overall had gone very well. SP to investigate if feedback received. AP- SR
  • AA remarked that it was encouraging that no letters of complaint had been received on Festivals capacity / timetable.
  • AA noted that the mobile app uptake had been good.
  • It was agreed Stranraer-Dumfries data useful to remain in Franchise Performance reporting pack.

11) Compliance Challenges

Not discussed.

12) AOB



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