Rail Franchise performance meeting minutes - 21 December 2016

Transport Scotland attendees: Andrew Mackie (AM), Donald Smith (DS), Calum Campbell (CC)
ScotRail attendees: Sam Price (SP)

1) Minutes of Previous Meeting

2) Actions Arising from Previous Meeting

  • 04/16/FM, CO 6.2 Establish Strategic Rail Delivery Group – On-going.
  • 05/16/FM, CO 3.5 (Part B) Achieve 'Times 100' accreditation – Closed.
  • 08/16/FM, International Rail Summit – On-going.
  • 11/16/FM, Gateway staffing. SR has sent TS information. TS to reply to SR – Closed.
  • 13/16/FM, SR to provide policy on skip stops to TS – Closed
  • 18/16/FM, Auto close door - TS's rolling stock team are seeking an audit trail regarding associated costs. SR to provide this information. – Closed.
  • 32/16/FM, Franchise obligations overview - Commercial - CO22.6 annual ticketless travel survey - SP to check latest status and provide update – Closed.
  • 33/16/FM, Franchise obligations overview - HR - CO5.4 Train 50% of ticket examiners in dealing with anti-social behaviour. Alan Wardlaw wrote to SP. SP to forward this to Adrian Thomson – Closed.
  • 38/16/FM, Train plan - Train plan counts to be populated with passenger count data from previous survey – Closed.
  • 44/16/FM, Revenue Collection - TS to get sight of the Revenue Collection success rate achieved in the commentary section – On-going.
  • 47/16/FM, Client & Communications, CO 3.4, TS non-executive membership of the Alliance Board – TS to confirm. – AM informed that Tony Rose is the TS non-executive member – Closed.
  • 48/16/FM, CO 10.9, Investment Fund Spending Plan. - Closed.
  • 49/16/FM, CO 17.1 (Part A), New catering services on 4 routes – AM alerted that TS have been approached about whether the new early morning Inverness train will be catered. SR will reply. - On-going.

3) Franchise Variations and Changes

  • No variations or changes have been executed in the past four weeks.

4) Franchise Performance and Planning

  • PPM for the Period was 86% against a target of 89%. The MAA now stands at 89.8% which has increased 0.3% from last period, although is 1.3% worse than trajectory.
  • In regards to PPM MMA there is now a separate Performance Steering Group underway to review ScotRail progress against the Performance Improvement Plan.
  • It was highlighted that strengthening is now in place for peak services on the Borders line and at Fife following recent agreement on fleet investment, delivering an increase in capacity for peak services.

5) Revenue Collection

6) Rolling Stock

  • Fleet availability is within contract target for Period 8.

7) Financial Obligations and Undertakings

8) SQUIRE/Service Delivery Performance

9) Franchise Obligations Overview


  • CO 17.7, Colour coded timetables – SR to provide updated posters as soon as possible in January. AP – SR
  • CO 27.1, Tourism Ambassadors – Both parties agreed to plan a future meeting on this commitment. AP – TS/SR

10) Communications

11) AOB

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