Rail Franchise performance meeting minutes - 26 May 2016

Transport Scotland attendees: Donald Smith (DS), Sarah Aitken (SA)
ScotRail attendees: Sam Price (SP), AK Blomstrom (AK), Rob Shorthouse (RS)
Transport Scotland apologies: Andrew Mackie, Agnes McKeever, Paula Somerville

1) Minutes of previous meeting


2) Actions arising from previous meeting

Hydro, later running services – Action with SP.

Passenger Number Information surveys – TS has received the data for year 1.

SPOKES campaign –SR to respond to TS regarding cycle spaces based on earlier request from Oi Hang Chu. Item closed.

Organisation Chart – item closed.

CO 25.4, SME engagement – item closed.

Hitachi c385s variation – TS has ASR’s response and is to come back on this. AP-TS

Smartcards for SQUIRE team and other TS business use – Ongoing. AP-TS

Contractual targets, regulatory NWR target and targets across routes – to be discussed at Performance Steering Group. AP – TS/SR

Schedule 7 Off-Peak patronages metric for Year 1 – SR will write to AM on this. AP-SP

Schedule 7 Benchmark figures for Year 2 – item closed.

SP will provide TS with an update regarding Abellio UK taking ownership of the customer service centre at Fort William – item closed.

Voucher book –TS content with evidence - item closed.

CO 22.4 - Mobile ticketing app/crowding information – ASR to update. AP-SP

Sch 13.1, 2.1-2.5 - Quality Plan and Quality Reports – DS to get back to SR on this. AP-DS

Sch 1.5, 1.6a (ii) Passenger count technology – ASR to advise TS on how the technology works. AP-SP

Sch 13.4, 11.1 - Living Wage logo – TS advised SR that it does not have any objection in principle to SR branding trains with Living Wage logo.

CO 15.4, Ticket Plus – TS has responded and SP has no issues – item closed.

SLC December 2016 position – SP will raise with Train Planning and provide a post meeting update. AP-SP

SR agreed to provide a short note on plans for strengthening services for the Scottish Cup Final – item closed.

CO 6.2, Strategic rail delivery group – Noted that TS is still considering the proposal. In the meantime SP will progress internally.

Franchise Performance meetings schedule – item closed.

Understanding of the principles of LEAN management adopted by the ScotRail Alliance – agreed RS and SP will discuss with AM. AP-RS/SP

Direct Agreements work stream – item closed.

Carlisle/Newcastle Plan – ASR looking to extend current arrangement to 2017 – item closed.

Franchise Performance Quarterly –Year 1 report for the quarterly supplied – item closed.

3) Service delivery performance (Schedule 7.1)

PPM for Period 1 stood at 93.26% (0.9% better than plan) and MAA was 90.5%.

4) Service quality performance (Schedule 7.3)

The improved results for Period 1 (2016/17) were noted.

5) Financial obligations and undertakings (Schedule 12)

Discussed at the finance meeting.

6) Provision of Schedule 13 information

Noted that rolling stock availability across the fleet continues to track on or above contract target.

7) Summary of all Committed Obligations delivered to date

The tables covering ASR’s Franchise Obligations was reviewed.

8) Pending variations

The table of Franchise Variations and Changes was reviewed and discussed. Agreed that SA would come back to ASR next week on matters arising. AP-SA

9) Progress of Priced Options

Discussed under actions.

10) Communications

Noted that ASR had met with TS’s Nick Wade to discuss an interim programme.

11) Items raised under AOB

SA raised the opportunity for a ticket which incorporates a tram connection from either Edinburgh Gateway or Edinburgh Park to Edinburgh Airport and vice versa as part of promoting rail – airport integration.

RE CO 24.1: Investor in People (IIP) – achieve Gold - SP noted that ASR would like TS to consider a review of the specification. It was agreed SP would submit a proposal to TS. AP-SP

RE CO 17.3: Not Spot Solutions - It was also noted that SP will write to TS about additional roll out of WI-FI as an alternative to installing masts at 10 stations. AP-SP

RE CO 24.17: Training for Scottish Veterans – SP noted that Helping Heroes and Poppy Scotland have both suggested broadening the scope of the CO. SP will raise with TS. AP-SP

Published Date 26 May 2016 Type Mode of transport