Rail franchise performance meeting minutes - 3 May 2018


  • Allan Anderson (AA) Transport Scotland
  • Donald Smith (DS) Transport Scotland
  • Sarah Aitken (SA) Transport Scotland
  • Calum Campbell (CC) Transport Scotland
  • Graham Dodds (GD) Transport Scotland
  • Alan Wardlaw (AW) Transport Scotland (part)
  • Sam Price (SP) ScotRail
  • Nicola Dawson (ND) ScotRail
  • Elaine Bell (EB) ScotRail (part)

1) Minutes of Previous Meeting

  • Both parties confirmed they are content with the previous minute.

2) Actions Arising from Previous Meeting

06/17/FM, Schedule 13.2 'B' data

  • AM asked if it would be worthwhile having someone from TS shadow the process for collecting this data in an effort to encourage a more joined appreciation and awareness of source information being provided – AA will remind RC of this action and look into arranging a meeting – Action On-going.

52/17/FM, SQUIRE/Service Delivery Performance

  • Discussion focussed on the concern in regards to remedial plans. It was agreed that the session in January to review plans would involve a wider audience, including Smart and SQUIRE. SP highlighted that the review is a priority for SR as no improvement has been witnessed. SR will provide an update on remedial plans and priority areas. – Discussed within agenda – Action Closed.


  • DS asked if SR could formally inform TS of relevant staff changes within the business. SR will look into this. – SR will send handover pack – Action On-going.

68/17/FM, P&T Stations

  • TS raised the lack of updates on these CO’s. SR will raise this internally. – SR updated that some areas have been updated while others are still progressing – Action On-going.


  • SR will write formally to TS regarding barcode printers. – Action Closed.

75/17/FM, Planning, Service Enhancements

  • AM questioned if HSTs will be able to call at all East Coast stations. Both TS and SR will make queries internally. – ND confirmed that HSTs will be able to call at all 52 stations – Action Closed.

76/17/FM, Planning, Informed Traveller

  • AA highlighted that Network Rail have advised they are no longer capable of maintaining T12 on an on-going basis. SP will seek clarification. – AA will check this internally with the TS Timetable team – Action On-going.

80/17/FM, Franchise Variations and changes

  • SA reported there are several on-going variations. SA and SP agreed to sense check these to make sure all are captured accordingly. – Action Closed.

82/17/FM, Revenue Collection

  • PC told that he will be rewriting the marketing campaign for Buy Before You Board and will send this to TS following approval. – Action On-going.

83/17/FM, SQUIRE

  • AA highlighted that he had emailed SP regarding some uncovered stations as this was still proving to be a key issue. SR will provide feedback. – SR is awaiting feedback and will provide once this is available – Action On-going.

84/17/FM, HR

  • DS advised, at the last HR Quarterly meeting TS raised that the CO’s within the reporting pack were not up-to-date and these have still to be amended. SR assured that his is being worked through and will be updated within the next pack. – ND reported that SR has worked through all areas and will be updated within the next reporting pack – Action On-going.

3) Franchise Variations and Changes

  • It was agreed these will be captured at the upcoming Contract Meeting.

4) Franchise Performance and Planning


  • The MAA for Period 13 was 89.5%, failing to meet the period target of 91.7%.
  • The PPM MAA now stands at 89.5% which is 1.4% below improvement plan. The “Beast from the East” accounted for a 0.3% drop in the SR MAA and a Force Majeure claim is with TS for consideration.
  • It was noted that the Performance Steering Group will take place next Friday where Period 13 performance will be analysed in more detail.
  • AA raised that he would like to arrange a meeting between SR and TS to review the procedure following closures.
  • The period Capacity figure was 0.85%. AA welcomed that the Kestrel capacity monitoring system has been updated from 12/02/18, to reflect changes to the c170 Suburban units.


  • It was suggested that the wording of the report could be updated for the section titled, ‘New trains and Revolution in Rail’. AP – SR
  • AA highlighted he was pleased to note that c365’s could help manage the additional footfall during the Edinburgh Festival and Open Golf.

5) Revenue Collection

  • DS noted that, as shown in the statistics, TVM reliability is having a positive effect.
  • AA highlighted that, arising from a correspondence case, it has come to TS’s attention that the ticket barriers at Edinburgh Waverley would not accept the promotional Airdrie-Bathgate tickets. The Minister asked that this be changed and the barriers were corrected as of 15:00 on 03 May. SR will provide TS with more background on this issue. AP – SR
  • SR advised that, as previously discussed, PC would be invited to attend the next meeting to discuss the next period's new marketing campaign for ‘Buy Before You Board’.

6) Rolling Stock

  • It was noted that in regards to MTIN, c170’s and c380’s are currently in the red in terms of MAA. AA reported that TS Rolling Stock team are working closely with SR to monitor. SR agreed to provide commentary on these stats. AP – SR

7) Financial Obligations and Undertakings

  • AA highlighted the large number of weather related Delay Repay reasons, noting the real impact weather can have on rail performance.
  • It was recognised that in regards to ‘ScotRail Complaints per 100k Journeys’, it appears that this has experienced a spike in Periods 10 and 11, and has now returned to a more consistent level.
  • DS raised that SR reported the total number of complaints for 2017/18 was 28,956 and asked if SR could provide figures for previous years, giving a comparison. SR will provide. AP – SR

8) SQUIRE/Service Delivery Performance

  • EB and AW joined the meeting to update on the current work being done in regards to SQUIRE.
  • AW highlighted that evidence shows, the renewed weighting system is helping to reduce penalties. However, this has also made clear the importance of ticket offices, as if a ticket office is unstaffed then there are also knock on effects in terms of other station duties that are not adequately performed, resulting in additional SQUIRE failures.
  • EB gave an update that SR have appointed three new additional posts and have identified a Top 10 Priority List.
  • EB informed that there are plans to increase staffing to an appropriate level, which will help to minimise Ticket Office failures.
  • EB told that SR have a 100 day plan which involves engagement with station staff, directors and TS, action plan improvements and project management. EB made clear that these plans will take time and improvements will not be immediate.
  • AW added that transparency between SR, NR and TS is key. AW suggested that as long as TS are made aware that the issue will be resolved within a feasible timescale then this would not be failed again in the meantime.
  • AA queried as to the station managers reaction to the changes being implemented by SR. EB assured that these have been very positive and supporting.
  • AA thanked EB and AW for the update, adding that it was encouraging.

9) Franchise Obligations Overview


  • CO 22.6, Annual ticketless travel survey – SR reported that this CO is back on track.
  • CO 34.7, New Homes Marketing Initiative (£50k for free one month season ticket) – SR are monitoring.

Human Resources

  • SR clarified that many HR CO’s are awaiting the revised HR strategy being aligned with the business strategy. SP will speak to John Gillies about this issue. AP – SR
  • CO 3.3, Trade union/TS attendance at every Franchise Board meeting – TS confirmed that AM attends each meeting.

P&T Smart Ticketing and New Trains

  • All smart CO’s were discussed at last week’s Senior Smart meeting.

P&T Stations

  • CO 30.6, Station cross-modal Customer Information Screens – AA noted that although there are several red/ambers it does look like progress is being made.

10) Communications


11) AOB

  • AA updated that TS are currently experiencing some challenges with the SG IT system in trying to get access to SR’s train count information. SP stated that SR is open to providing the information using another method in the meantime.
  • AA raised that TS would now be identifying 4 complete CO’s a month for a compliance challenge, asking SR to provide evidence that these CO’s are still being delivered and their benefits realised. AA provided a hard copy at the meeting and CC will send this electronically. SR will then provide evidence in due course.
  • DS highlighted that TS had pushed for sight of SR’s HR Stategy, and at the last HR meeting in February SR had advised that it had hoped to have an Organisational Development Strategy signed off by March, but TS has not yet received this. SP will speak with HR.
  • DS also noted that there are concerns in relation to the reporting functionality of Abellio’s iTrent system which appears to be delayed. SP will speak with HR. AP – SR
  • DS raised the possibility of a Veterans Rail Card which is currently being reviewed by SR. AP – SR


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