Rail Franchise performance meeting minutes - 31 March 2016

Transport Scotland attendees: Andrew Mackie (AM), Sarah Aitken (SA), Calum Campbell (CC),
ScotRail attendees: Sam Price (SP), Rob Shorthouse (RS), AK Blomstrom (AK)
Transport Scotland apologies: Donald Smith (DS)

1) Minutes of previous meeting

2) Actions arising from previous meeting

CO 10.3, Customer experience, catering provision – Going forward this action will be closed for this meeting, and may be an agenda item at future PDWG meetings.

CO 24.2, Apprenticeships, SR to provide skills information provided in Customer Service Apprenticeships – Closed. PS will write back to SR. AP – TS

CO 23.1, Environmental management systems, TS to sign off – Closed.

CO 32.3, Major Projects Comms Plan, SR to tie in with Group and write to TS in terms of process going forward – On-going. AP - SR

Melrose Sevens – Proactive Communications will be used again while managing this event.

SQUIRE – On-going. It was agreed that this action should be dealt with once the Period 13 data is in.

Annual ‘A’ information – Both parties are content with where this is at.

NEC – Closed.

CO 24.19, Cleaning standard – Closed.

Improving visibility for passengers for delay/repay – Closed

Hydro, later running Edinburgh- Glasgow services – SR will provide TS with a response to review request. AP – SR

Route Clearance – Closed.

3) Service delivery performance (Schedule 7.1)

PPM for Period 12 finished 1.5% behind plan at 91.7%.

PPM MAA now stands at 90.6% which is 1.3% behind ScotRail Alliance target.

AM reported that much of the December 16 plan sees positive capacity increases for a number of busy services.

TS informed that the data received from John was much more raw than what had been sent previously.

AM asked that these capacity changes are based on latest Passenger Number Information surveys. SP will ask the question and get back to AM. AP – SP

5) Financial obligations and undertakings (Schedule 12)

AM will ask Agnes McKeever to organise a four weekly meeting for P12. AP - TS

6) Provision of Schedule 13 information

Complaints Data – AM asked if there was any update on Fort William. SP and RS informed that nothing has been finalised but that it is imminent.

7) Summary of all Committed Obligations delivered to date

AM is comfortable that everything has been covered off with evidence in terms status of HR and Smart Committed Obligations.

Client & Comms:

CO 32.3, Major Projects Communication Plan – RS will write to TS. AP – SR


SR will inform TS of how they plan to track the uptake of all fares products introduced. AP – SR

Customer Experience:

CO 32.1, Dedicated customer service employees x25 for key projects – TS will write back to SR. AP – TS


CO 7.1, Reconfiguration of 40 x Class 158 units for use on scenic trains routes – SP informed that this has been flagged as there has been a slight change of plan on the C3 element with a new provider identified. However, the overall programme remains on-track.

Finance, IT & Procurement:

CO 23.2, Community benefit clauses in Contracts (SME) – the SR procurement team are finalising the detail guidelines for this. There is hope that there should be good news stories to flag on this.

Human Resources:

All evidence has been provided following the HR meeting between TS and SR.

SR will write to TS to confirm latest organisation chart. AP – SR

Programme and Transformation:

CO 29.4, New ITSO capable handheld ticket validation machines for on-train –ScotRail to keep TS updated on roll out of hardware. AP – SR

Safety & Sustainability:

CO 25.4, SME engagement – AK will confirm to TS. AP – SR

CO 23.3, Annual Corporate Social Responsibility report published annually – RS has sent this across to Oi Hang.

8) Pending variations

SA stated that she is pushing for closure on the Steam variation. SP will provide some wording. AP – SR

SR is awaiting variation on c385’s. SP would like this to be finalised soon. TS will apply resource to this. AP – TS

11) Initial observations at Glasgow Queen Street

RS reported that initial observations would suggest that the measures put in places appear to be running steadily. Initially, on the morning of the first day, the service was running great. There was a problem in the evening, on the 17:31 Edinburgh – Glasgow service, due to a large peak in footfall. It was observed that the capacity of the queuing system would have to be increased and that the queues would have to be managed with more vigilance. Furthermore, a couple of Edinburgh services on Platform 9 were delayed. A culmination of these issues resulted in lengthy queueing that evening. However, RS informed that following these issues a new system was introduced.

Another issue that arose was on Wednesday when it began to rain before the 17:31 service. This issue was resolved as SR was able to move people inside so that nobody was left queuing in the rain. This flagged the issue of outside queues and as a result SR was able to identify another area within the station to avoid this when needed.

RS advised that PPM is positive.

SR is attempting to correct a problem with the PA system on the platform in order to improve queue management

RS informed that the passenger awareness survey showed that awareness of the project was 82%

12) AOB

December 2016 SLC

SLC Report – TS will be writing to SR on compliance and want to avoid derogations.

AM will email SP with a line regarding getting hold of smart cards for the SQUIRE team. AP - TS

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