Rail franchise performance meeting minutes - 5 December 2019


  • Allan Anderson (AA) Transport Scotland
  • Julie Watson (JW) Transport Scotland
  • Mark Henderson (MH) Transport Scotland
  • Sarah Aitken (SA) Transport Scotland
  • Nicola Dawson (ND) ScotRail
  • Lindsay Clarkson (LC) BTP/Transport Scotland
  • Oi Hang Chu (OHC) Transport Scotland


  • Andrew Mackie (AM) Transport Scotland
  • Dougie Andrews (DA) Transport Scotland
  • Sam Price (SP) ScotRail
  • Sarah Aitken (SA) Transport Scotland

1) Review of previous meeting minute/actions

TS/SR content with previous minute.

2) Franchise Variations and Changes

SA confirmed pre-meeting that this section is up to date.

3) Franchise Performance

Train Performance Remedial Plan

AA confirms that all 19 commitments are either delivered or on track for delivery

PPM Benchmarks

AA notes it is encouraging to see that ScotRail’s PPM for P8 was 88.2% and the PPM MAA increased by 0.3% to 88.2%.


AA notes that this area is showing signs of steady improvement. AA notes that Express Other is still in PIP and the MAA did improve this period. Overall P8 is better than target for the remaining 3 sectors.

Cancelling Benchmarks

AA notes that SR Franchise level cancellations were 1.35% in P8. Total cancellations MAA improved by 0.08%.

Overall satisfaction Remedial Plan

AA advised that he has been working closely with Mark O’Mailley at ScotRail regarding delivery of commitments.

4) Service planning

AA acknowledged the work that ScotRail has been putting in the ensure successful timetable delivery.

5) Revenue Collection

AA stated that it is interesting to note that TVM usage is up by 13.3% compared to last year.

6) Rolling Stock

AA advises that TS continually undertake analysis on 13.2 report each Period.

Section 6.3 - AA confirms this is interesting and allows TS to see level of work SR are putting in.

Complaints per 100,000 journeys - AA is really encouraged in terms of where SR are compared to where they have been in previous years.

Uncovered trains - AA confirms there is a small increase since periods 1-5 but advises that SR are in an encouraging position, when compared with this period last year and encouraged ASR to ensure that this continues.

7) SQUIRE/Service Delivery Performance

MH notes current period is doing well and but notes that ticket office failures has increased this Period.

MH confirms that Schedule 7 is sitting at 84%, just below floor level but has really picked up over the year. MH appreciates the hard work from SR.

8) Franchise Obligations Overview

No comments.

9) Marketing and Sales

AA notes that it is encouraging to see that website transactions up 32.3% compared to Period 8 last year.

10) HR

AA advises that there is nothing to note regarding training days.

11) Correspondence

AA confirms TS post bag is increasing however this is not at the levels seen in previous years and there is no one key theme emerging.

12) AOB

No comments.

Date of next meeting: 30 January 2020

Published Date 10 Jan 2020 Type Mode of transport