Rail Franchise performance meeting minutes - 7 July 2016

Transport Scotland attendees: Andrew Mackie (AM), Paula Somerville (PS), Donald Smith (DS)
ScotRail attendees: Sam Price
Transport Scotland apologies: Agnes McKeever, Sarah Aitken
ScotRail apologies: Rob Shorthouse

1) Minutes of previous meeting

  • Approved.

2) Actions arising from previous meeting

  • Passenger Number information – TS noted that the Year 1 data needed further refinement for management information purposes. SR is already looking into this to provide information with more substantial information similar to previous years. Action ongoing. AP - SR
  • Hitachi 385s – Action closed.
  • Smartcards for Franchise team – TS advised that it is looking for Smartcard coverage across the network, not just for the E&G route. TS confirmed that standard class only is required. AP - SR
  • Contractual targets & regulatory target – TS noted that this still needs to be picked up at future Performance Steering Groups. SP will take this forward. AP - SP
  • Schedule 7, Off-peak patronage metric for Year 1 – Above target. Action closed.
  • CO 22.4, Mobile ticketing app/crowding information – 100% of Hitachi 385s will be fitted with relevant automated count technology whereas 30% of all other rolling stock across each fleet (including HST) will be fitted with the technology.
  • Schedule 13.1, Quality Plan and Quality Reports. – DS advised the document he received from Jackie Taggart looks more at processes than actions. DS can provide some comments but noted that the document is not sufficient evidence in itself to show the obligation has been met. SP will speak to Jackie Taggart regarding this. AP -SP
  • Schedule 15, Passenger count technology – TS looked to SR to undertake a presentation on this. It was agreed that Ross Clark in TS should contact Cameron Legg directly about this. AP - TS
  • Schedule 13.4, Living Wage logo – SP will seek an update from James Ledgerwood. AP – SP
  • SLC December 2016 position – Discussed in main agenda.
  • Revenue Protection – SR responded. Action closed.
  • Principles of LEAN management – Action ongoing.
  • Delay/Repay tables – TS noted that tables did not appear in the Franchise Performance report. SP will check what the plan is for delay/repay tables being included. SP will speak to relevant team and ask that the tables that had previously been included in the report be reinstated but with more clarity given on some on the categories. AP SP
  • Receive Collection Performance of the Franchise Report – DS asked if more conclusions can be drawn by SR for the report and commentary provided. AP – SR
  • CO 28. 4, Off-peak Flex carnet product – Discussed separately at SMART ticketing forum. Action closed
  • CO 29.4, Flex carnet production – Action closed.
  • In the CO section of the report SR agreed to provide up-to-date commentary, feeding into existing reporting processes. AP - SR
  • Table of Franchise variations and changes – Action closed.
  • Edinburgh Gateway – SR has an existing integrated ticket offering for Edinburgh Park and plans to extend to Edinburgh Gateway. SP will look for an update. AP – SP
  • CO 24.1 – Investor in People, Gold – DS asked if SR has more firmer evidence of requirement for longer timescales to achieve IIP Gold in an Alliance context. SP will seek this from SR’s HR. AP SP
  • CO 17.3, Not Spot solutions – Action closed.
  • CO 24.17 – Training for Scottish Veterans – Action closed.

Quarterly Actions:

  • European games – Discussed in main agenda.
  • Changes to quarterly dates. TS looking at this. AP - TS

3) Service delivery performance (Schedule 7.1)

  • Performance for Period 2 was 92.6%, which is 0.3% behind plan. The PPM MAA now stands at 90.3% which is 0.1% behind current target.
  • At sector level and overall, cancellations are within the benchmark of 1.6% MAA.
  • On capacity provision, overall metric is on or better than target. However, it was noted that for the E&G and Express sectors these are adverse to target, although currently above the level where an Improvement Plan will be necessary. SP will flag this up within SR. It will also be discussed in detail at the next PSG. AP - SP


  • This year a timetable change will take place in August at completion of the Queen St works. AM asked SR to provide a copy of the August train plan at least 3 weeks before it is implemented. AP - SR
  • Highland mainline early morning services – This is a likely positive development which may tie in with a publicity event opportunity for Scottish Government summer cabinet tours. SP will flag with RS. AP - SP
  • TS asked SR to look at the implications of amended EGIP milestones on timetable changes and fleet cascade. AP - SR
  • Queens Street works – Services have been working to plan during the works. TS asked if SR are looking at the impact on revenue and passenger counts? SP advised that, so far as he is aware, it is in line with SR’s forecast.
  • TS noted the strengthening of East Kilbride services on Sundays and of strengthened services on the E&G from December 2016.

Rail Passenger Survey (RPS)

  • SR achieved an overall passenger satisfaction result of 87%, which is 7% above the GB average satisfaction rate of 80% though down from a record level of 90% in Autumn 2015. In terms of dealing with disruption, ScotRail obtained 43% which is 10% above the GB average though down 9% from August 2015. In accordance with the Franchise Agreement all KPI’s relating to NRPS results have achieved or exceeded target for Franchise Year 1.

4) Service quality performance (Schedule 7.3)

  • SQUIRE penalty is still high but is less than the previous Period.
  • ScotRail Resourcing, second member of staff – TS has received advice from ASLEF on a number of services where there was no second member of staff on board. This is to be reviewed alongside SQUIRE audits going forward. AP – SR/TS

5) Financial obligations and undertakings (Schedule 12)

Revenue Protection

  • DS asked SR to provide more commentary in the report. SP will ask Phil Campbell to provide this. AP - SR
  • Delay/Repay – The figure for Period 2 is £32,965. A number of issues have contributed to delays while acceptance claims ratios have also gone up.
  • DS noted that 0 is recorded in the Total Price Promise Claims Accepted and Total Price Promise Compensation columns in the Franchise Report and to check if this is accurate. SP will take this forward. AP SP

6) Provision of Schedule 13 information

  • Availability against action for fleet – AM noted that availability is at or above target.

7) Summary of all Committed Obligations delivered to date

  • Business Development, SRDG – Interim arrangements continuing.
  • Client & Comms, International Rail Summit – The Minister has this in his diary. There could be a new dimension in light of Brexit.
  • SR to provide handover package. AP – SR
  • C0 20.3, Brand tracking study – AM will advise SR if TS requires this. AP - AM
  • CO 17.7, Colour coded timetables – TS asked SR for assurance that this gets revisited regularly. SR to confirm. AP - SR
  • CO 16.1, Customer Experience Delivery Group – AM noted another meeting should be organised. SP will confirm dates. AP – SP
  • CO 24.11, Learning and Development certificate – TS raised that apprentices salaries were included within the figure. SP advised that SR took its interpretation from the Franchise Agreement. TS will consider this. AP – TS
  • Franchise facilities book to be added as an agenda item at the Franchise Performance meeting in September. AP – PS

8) Pending variations

  • The third Amendment agreement has been agreed and just requires to be signed off.
  • SA issued a variation regarding Gateway to SR last week. SP will action this. AP - SP

9) Progress of Priced Options

  • Berwick – TS has raised a potential deadline extension. AM will check with SA. AP - AM

10) Communications

  • Both parties have been busy with strike comms.

11) AOB

  • Update on RMT strike position - TS is looking to see a solution from the industry. SR is continuing dialogue with RMT but no tangible progress on a resolution is evident to TS. TS encourage SR to continue discussions to arrive at the best possible solution for the railway.
  • ScotRail Youth Railcard - This is being progressed with SR and the concessionary travel team in TS. SR has not received payment since the last Franchise Year. AM advised that the information flow on invoice verification has dried up and TS needs that reinstated. SP noted that he had contacted TS’s concessionary travel team to ascertain any outstanding information.
  • August 2018 European Championships - DS advised that the scale of the European Championships is very different from the Commonwealth Games. The contact in TS for this is Hugh Gillies. SR is looking to get a team set up to focus on it.
  • SP advised that the replacement for John McLachlan is likely to occur around October.
  • The format of future Franchise Performance agendas should be adjusted in order to flow with SR’s Report. AP – PS

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