Rail franchise performance meeting minutes - 8 November 2018


  • Allan Anderson (AA) Transport Scotland
  • Donald Smith (DS) Transport Scotland
  • Fiona Mackay (FM) Transport Scotland
  • Sarah Aitken (SA) Transport Scotland
  • Nicola Dawson (ND) ScotRail
  • Sam Price (SP) ScotRail

1) Review of previous meeting Minute / Actions

Both parties confirmed they were content with the previous minute.

2) Franchise Variations and Changes

No changes.

3) Franchise Performance


  • The ScotRail PPM for P7 was 81.8%.
  • The PPM MAA dropped by 0.5% in P7 as the impact of Storm Ali and an early autumn had a large impact on performance. Weather reduced PPM by 4% as Storm Ali wind and rain closed many parts of the network and impacted performance heavily for two days.
  • The period cancellation figure came in at 3.66% and the MAA is now 1.86%- this was largely due to Storm Ali cancellations.
  • The percentage of seats not provided in period 7 increased to 0.52%, from 0.40% reported in period 6. This was primarily due to the removal of 385s from service in the period. The MAA is now 0.50% which is well below the target of 1.0% but a 0.10% increase period on period.
  • AA reiterated that TS expect a ‘whole system’ approach in response to the Donovan recommendations and PIP.
  • AA commented that E&G capacity from P3 has improved with the introducing of new rolling stock and TS happy moving in right direction and the ongoing focus on all aspects of performance.

4) Franchise Planning

AA made special note of TS being impressed with level of engagement being undertaken with external organisations.

5) Revenue Collection

  • Phil Campbell gave an overview detailing data.
  • Annual ticketless survey results are due on 16 November, expect to be shared with TS wc 23 November.
  • TVM reliability continues to improve.

6) Rolling Stock

  • HST is covered in other forums.
  • AA made note of the continued decrease in MTIN incidents.
  • Delay repay claims – P6 - 5956, P7 – 16443, agreed this appears due to increased ease of ability to claim, and Storm Ali.
  • AA commented that complaints rose slightly though Autumn may have been a major factor in this rise.
  • Regarding Uncovered Turns and Trains, 99.67% of passenger services in the timetable were covered for Period 7. AA Noted that this was an excellent performance.

7) SQUIRE/Service Delivery Performance

SQUIRE is currently under political scrutiny, though partly due to the mixing of performance issues with SQUIRE issues.

8) Franchise Obligations Overview

Process is in place for Report being received earlier, shared with co-owner and cross-referenced with counterpart.

9) Communications

  • WebTIS/ Smart – communication has gone out to some TS staff to participate in beta testing.
  • Smart has seen a recent uplift in transactions – result of Ticket Offices going live.
  • Comms plan – TS to look at future comms opportunities alongside SR.
  • SP commented on the increase in sales of rover and travel pass products
  • Stranraer-Dumfries line – comms are being planned to coincide when services return fully to combat lost patronage.

10) HR

No issues arising.

11) Correspondence

No issues arising.

12) AOB

AA stated for awareness that TS have received a letter from Ian Gray re suicide prevention on the railway. Cab Sec is involved and TS officials will take forward. A meeting is to be arranged with Ian Gray / Samaritans and a further meeting then with Stakeholders.

Published Date 7 Dec 2018 Type Mode of transport