Appendix I Scottish Parliamentary Questions: September 2014 to August 2015

Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2014

Appendix I Scottish Parliamentary Questions: September 2014 to August 2015

This Appendix lists the most recent Scottish Parliamentary Questions on road accident and casualty statistics for which answers were drafted by the Transport Statistics branch. It does not provide a complete list of all Parliamentary Questions relating to road accidents, because it excludes (for example) questions which were:

about accidents and casualties on trunk roads in Scotland – answers to which were drafted by Transport Scotland's Trunk Roads and Bus Operations section as it is responsible for the trunk road network;

about matters such as safety cameras, accidents involving school buses, or the number of people involved in road accidents who were convicted of certain offences – answers to which were drafted by the parts of the Scottish Government with responsibility for the relevant policy areas (Transport Statistics contributed to some of these answers – e.g. by providing whatever relevant statistics it held, or by explaining why the information requested was not available from the Stats 19 returns);

asked at the Westminster Parliament – answers to which were drafted by the Department for Transport, whose GB-wide database includes a copy of the Scottish Stats 19 data

However, although its coverage is not comprehensive, this Appendix should be of interest to some users of Reported Road Casualties Scotland because it provides examples of the kinds of uses that are made of the Stats 19 data.

Almost all the answers can be found in previous editions of Reported Road casualties Scotland or via

( * ) – the entries in this column are as follows:
information provided – this category includes cases where:

  • only some of the information that was requested was available – e.g. questions about:
    • the numbers of road accidents and hit-and-run incidents – because the Stats 19 returns cover only injury accidents which were reported to the Police, so do not cover all accidents/incidents; or
    • the causes of accidents since 1999 – because Contributory Factors were only added to Stats 19 at the start of 2005.
  • the only information that could be provided was on a different basis from that which was requested

information not available – this category includes cases where the information requested:

  • does not exist; or
  • is not held centrally; or
  • cannot be obtained from the Transport Statistics road accident statistics system without disproportionate cost, because the system is not designed to provide it

( $ ) – the answer referred to a publicly-available source (e.g. Reported Road Casualties Scotland, or another question which had been answered previously) which contained some or all of the information which was requested. The answer may also have provided some information that was not available from the publicly-available source.

( # ) – the answer explained that the statistics which were provided were based upon the data which are held in the central road accident statistics database and which were collected by the police at the time of the accident and subsequently reported in the Stats 19 returns. They may differ from any figures which the local authorities would provide now, because they do not take account of any subsequent changes or corrections that local authorities may have made to the statistical information, for use at local level, about the location of each accident, based upon their knowledge of the roads and areas concerned.