Appendix One: Road Safety Officer discussion guide

Appendix One: Road Safety Officer discussion guide

Your Call - Road Safety Unit Officers

1. Information about schools

  • Can you tell us of any secondary schools that have been particularly active in their use of the resource – or used it in interesting ways?
  • And any examples where there has been minimal use?
  • What about special schools or colleges?
  • Are there other bodies who use the resource in your area?  For example, outreach centres, fire service, or any others?
  • Any particular schools or colleges you think we should avoid? (why?)
  • What is your perception of how the resource is used?

2. Knowledge and awareness

  • General views on Your Call
  • What were your first reactions to this resource?
  • How would you describe it to someone who hadn't seen it?
  • Did you receive any training on this resource?
  • How do you think it compares to other road safety materials for young people?

3. Your role

  • Did all the schools in your area receive a copy of Your Call when it was first launched? (why/why not?)
  • How was your road safety unit involved in promoting the resource locally?
  • How was your road safety unit involved in distributing the resource locally?
  • Was any training done with schools on the contents of the resource?
  • Did you receive any feedback at the time from staff (or pupils) about the resource?

4  Format of the resource

  • What did you think are the most effective parts of the resource?
  • Do you have any views on the format or delivery of the resource?
  • Is it the right tone, level and content for the age group it is aimed at?
  • Are there any parts of the resource that you think could be improved or developed?

5. Impact of the resource

  • Do you think the Your Call resource is likely to affect the behaviour of young people as passengers or pedestrians?
  • Do you think there are other more effective ways to engage with young people about road safety?
  • Any other comments?