Appendix Two – Teacher discussion guide

Appendix Two – Teacher discussion guide

Your Call - Interviews with Teachers

Discussion Guide


  • What is your role in the school?
  • How did you hear about 'Your Call?
  • What made you think of using it at your school?
  • Did you receive any support or training in using the resource?


  • Which pupils did you use the resource with?
  • Which class and topic was the event linked to?
  • How much time did pupils spend on the materials?
  • Which materials did you use?
  • How did you use the materials?
  • How did Your Call link with other class activities?

The materials

  • How appropriate were:
    • the messages?
    • the style of the materials?
    • the format?
  • How did pupils react to Your Call at the time?
    • What aspects were particularly well received?
    • What aspects were not well received?
  • Have pupils reacted to or discussed it in the longer term?
  • What difference do you think Your Call made to pupils?
  • What ongoing impacts do you think the materials will have on pupils?

Future use

  • Would you use Your Call materials again?
  • What would you change (if anything) about the materials?
  • Would you use the resource again? (why/why not?)
  • Do you have any other comments?