Road Accident Data Collection Form Design Research Project

2 Methodology

In order to achieve the aims of this project, we employed a methodology comprised of four tasks:

  • Task 1 – An evidence review of the most up to date existing evidence relating to both general form design for non-specialists and the design and use of the STATS19 forms
  • Task 2 – A detailed consultation phase collating views and experiences from a range of STATS19 stakeholders in Scotland. This included members of Police Scotland, Transport Scotland and Scottish Local Authorities
  • Task 3 – Based on the information gathered from Tasks 1 and 2, and the results of a workshop involving members of the team and field experts, we designed a revised STATS19 form for collection of the relevant data
  • Task 4 – Testing the revised collection form was vital to ensure that it is useful and usable. The final stage included a reliability study using a series of vignettes to explore whether the form could be understood and used correctly to produce accurate STATS19 records. Qualitative data from users was also obtained as part of this task

Figure 1 shows how these tasks fit together to achieve the project aim.

Summary of method adopted

Figure 1: Summary of method adopted