Road Accident Data Collection Form Design Research Project


  1. These causation factors have been developed and renamed, and are now part of the contributory factor system which was rolled out across GB in 2005.
  2. For the purpose of this report, a label is a word, phrase, or sentence that informs the form user what to enter into the answer field for example ‘date’, ‘name’, and ‘vehicle type’.
  3. This could be a result of the way in which data shared. Police Scotland send STATS19 data to Local Authorities and Transport Scotland. Transport Scotland quality check the data and send error reports back to the Police. Police Scotland do not necessarily amend their database, nor do they necessarily amend the data sent to Local Authorities.
  4. Richard and Jeremy have many years of experience in accident investigation, STATS19 analysis and designing data collection forms, specifically for accident data collection and Caroline has recently been involved in redesigning a roadside HGV check form for the Irish Road Safety Authority.