Beyond 2020

Beyond 2020

Throughout 2018, the OPG and SPB explored the direction the SG and its partners should take to improve road safety by a series of workshops. The workshops also introduced the Improvement approach to help us move forward. Discussions covered what should be included in the next iteration of the Road Safety Framework, with both groups agreeing to continue with the following areas already covered by the current framework:

  • Vision Zero.
  • Casualty Reduction Targets.
  • Safe System (formally adopted through the Review).
  • Specific outcomes, with associated indicators, in key priority areas (set through the Review).
  • Partnership approach set within a strategic context.

Members of the SPB discussed what steps should be taken to gather an evidence base and baselines for moving forward. They also explored what should be included in any future Framework. The Members stressed that there are a number of factors and themes of known focus areas which should be contained within the future framework. Consideration should be given on how work can begin on these areas, which include:

  • Maintain focus – a target based approach remains essential, as those countries with road safety targets statistically perform better than those which lack them.
  • Examine the current environment, followed by an exploration of both potential society and technological developments.
  • Recognise the need to maintain/raise public awareness of road safety.
  • Be mindful of the National Transport Strategy review.
  • Intentionally celebrate success.
  • Ensure road safety stays on the agenda.
  • Examine the effects of austerity, explore capacity, and consider reduced expertise.
  • Examine how to deal with diminishing returns.
  • Explore the new powers over signs and traffic signals.
  • Study the impact of emissions, vehicle technology and drug driving.

Ultimately, any future framework must have a robust communications plan which would focus on both the positive messages and the negative impacts. One life lost on Scotland’s roads is one too many; and the message remains the same: “Go safe on Scotland’s roads: it’s everyone’s responsibility”.

Whilst focus and commitment will continue on the current Framework to meet all 2020 casualty reduction targets, we will continue to gather a robust evidence base and work with our partners and other relevant organisations on the development of our road safety priorities and commitments beyond 2020.