Local Authority Activity

Local Authority Activity

Transport Scotland is responsible for the management and maintenance of the strategic trunk road network, including motorways, which is delivered through our operating company contracts. The Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 places the statutory responsibility for local roads improvement, maintenance and repair with LAs. The SG is committed to working with all LAs to help improve the condition and safety of the road network. This is carried out through the Road Collaboration Programme, which is jointly funded between national and local government.

In addition, Section 39 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 places a statutory duty on LAs to promote road safety and take steps to both reduce and prevent accidents. In this respect it is for each LA to consider appropriate measures which will safeguard road users and residents on their roads, and to determine the priority that should be given to any road safety measures. Therefore, it is not for Scottish Ministers to intervene in their day-to-day performance of these particular duties. Outlined below are examples provided by a number of LAs on their road safety activity.

North East Scotland – Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray

Road Safety North East Scotland draws together the three north east local authorities (Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray) and key partners to work together on local road safety initiatives. These focus on the national Priority Focus Areas, as well as local casualty trends, identified through longer-term collision monitoring. During 2018 these included:

Milestones Older Driver Review Scheme – a pilot scheme operated in Aberdeenshire during spring 2018, where a number of local driving instructors provided a driving review for older drivers at a reduced cost. Feedback received was positive and the approach is being discussed with partners to see whether there is merit in developing it as an ‘off the shelf’ tool, which older drivers can be directed to locally.

Rider Refinement North (RRN) – Police Scotland held various one-day RRN motorcycle safety events in spring/summer 2018 at Inveruie and Elgin, following a successful bid for national Road Safety Framework funding. These events included both on-road and class-based activity, attracting 83 attendees in the north east. RRN events held in bordering local authorities (Highland, Angus and Perth and Kinross) saw 132 attendees. Independent evaluation of the initiative has been very positive and similar events have now been planned for 2019.

Serious Injury Collision Reviews – while the national road casualty categories in the north east have seen reductions over the past decade, the serious-injury category has declined at a slower rate than others. To try and address this, the north east local authorities are liaising more closely with Police Scotland following serious injury collisions, to gain greater understanding of the underlying circumstances and determine whether engineering-based measures can prevent future occurrences.

Safe Drive Stay Alive – over 5,000 north east secondary school pupils attended the annual ‘Safe Drive Stay Alive’ event in Aberdeen and after fourteen years of local performances, the events continue to attract a positive response from audiences. The underlying story which develops throughout the event has recently undergone some refreshment, to make it more contemporary in a road safety context.

Data-led Initiatives – historical collision data showed an increase in north east pedal cycle casualties in early summer and pedestrian casualties in Aberdeen during the winter months. Working with NESTRANS – the regional transport partnership, both these trends received local attention through bus-back advertising, large poster promotions on geographically targeted bus shelters, as well as radio adverts.

Bikeability – over 3,700 primary school age children received Bikeability Level 2 (On-road) training across the three local authority areas.