This is the 2016 edition of Scottish Transport Statistics, and is the thirty fifth publication in the series.  The publication presents a comprehensive statistical picture of transport activity and covers a wide range of topics. 

This is a National Statistics publication.

This publication presents a range of both National Statistics and Official Statistics. National Statistics are certified as meeting the high professional standards within the UK Statistics Authority’s Code of Practice for Official Statistics:

Official Statistics follow the Code of Practice as closely as possible but have not been certified as Code compliant. They are fit for purpose and are of sufficient quality to meet user needs. This publication also includes statistics produced out with the Scottish Government. Such statistics are marked by the relevant source.  Users should be aware that although we did not directly produce these, we believe them to be a good source hence their inclusion within the publication.

The Structure of the Publication

The Summary section provides a compact view of the key findings and trends over the past 10 years and includes some comparisons with the figures for Great Britain (or the UK) and some longer term trends. Longer term trends are included in tables on the Transport Scotland website.

This is followed by 13 chapters, each with a graphical summary page, statistical commentary and corresponding tables.

A Notes, Definitions and Sources section then provides information users should be aware of when using the statistics, descriptions of specific terms used and a note on the sources of statistics used when compiling the publication.

Chapter 12 looks at International Comparisons, comparing Scotland with some EU countries. 

Finally, there are some other short sections covering:

  • recent transport research projects;
  • other Transport Statistics publications;  and 
  • Transport Scotland web site - where updated versions of some of this edition's tables and charts can be found

We would welcome comments from users on the publication and/or suggestions for new data sources that could be included in future publications. Comments can be provided to us at the address below:

Transport Analytical Services
Transport Scotland
Victoria Quay
Tel: 0131 244 7256 

Detailed List Of Statistical Tables And Maps

Note: Most tables provide a time series of figures which are identified in the table headings rather than in the title of the table.  Where a table relates to a single year, the relevant year is included in the title.  Tables providing main figures for a single year, with a few figures of earlier years appear as single year tables in this list.

Tables of figures, and whole chapters, which are outwith the scope of National Statistics are identified by (*).