Errors In The Previous Edition

Scottish Transport  Statistics, No 36, 2017 Edition

Errors In The Previous Edition

This list covers errors which occurred in the preparation of the tables or the commentary in Scottish Transport Statistics.  It does not include cases where statistics now differ from those in the previous edition, due to revisions by the supplier.  Such revisions could occur following more information becoming available, or an improvement in estimation methodology, or the correction of errors in the supplier's own systems.  In such cases, the revisions may be mentioned in the text or a footnote to the relevant table, if they are large enough to warrant this.

We apologise for the following error, which we have found in the previous edition.

Table 1.21, page 51 although the total figures for 2016 are correct, there was an error in the categories used to provide a breakdown of individuals automatic and discretionary. Revised figures are shown in the published excel tables for this edition. 

Infographic, page 69 the figure for the most common type of freight lifted in Scotland and remaining in Scotland in 2015 should have been 35 million tonnes rather than 44

Infographic, page 107 30% of people used a train at least once a month and the year should be 2015 rather than 2014.

Table 9.15, page 165 figure for Oban to Lismore in 2015 should be 0.6 million rather than 6.0 million commercial vehicles and buses.

The tables in this edition include corrected figures, (if they are time-series tables that include years for which the previous edition's figures were wrong).

Any problems or inconveniences resulting from these errors are regretted.