Senior Management Team Meeting - Minutes - 1 November 2023



  • Alison Irvine (AI) – Interim Chief Executive


  • Gary Cox (GC) – Interim Director


  • Bettina Sizeland (BS) – Director


  • Kerry Twyman (KT) – Director
  • David Swanson(DS) – Head of Corporate Services
  • Andy Pope (AP) – Head of Corporate Governance
  • Steven Wyllie (SW) – Corporate Governance Manager
  • Matt Millar (MM) – Communications Manager


  • Roddy Macdonald (RM) - Director


  • Morna Cannon (MC) – Interim Director

Major Projects

  • Lawrence Shackman (LS) - Director


  • Bill Reeve (BR) – Director


  • Hugh Gillies (HG) - Director


  • Fiona Brown (FB) – Interim Director

Internal Audit

  • Mabel Hall
  • Dougie Shepherd

CEO Office

  • Mark Dunlop
  • Pam Yorke


  • Diane Wilson


AI welcomed everyone to the meeting and invited HG to provide a quick update on resilience issues following Storm Babet. AI asked for an update on Women’s Safety on Public Transport research project, it was noted there was an event being held on 6 December. FB will work on this with BS and BR.

Internal Audit

Colleagues from Internal Audit provide the SMT with a short presentation on the team and their role and the advisory service they offer. The topics for 2024/25 audit are being reviewed and engagement on these will be starting with the TS & IA. AI reminded Director’s to encourage their teams to engage positively with Internal Audit and adhere to their deadlines.

Comms update

MM talked SMT through the forward look and asked for any amendments. The following comments were made.

  • Add in CHFS3
  • ScotZeb in New Year
  • State of Network Report may move from November
  • Opening of East Linton Station
  • Granton Waterfront Development 17 November
  • U22s published next week


KT provided a high level update on the Path to Balance for FY 23/24. She advised that there had been a discussion with SpADs on the 2024/25 budget and they were continuing with the ongoing work on Capital Prioritisation. There is a meeting with Cab Sec and Minister for Transport to discuss this on Thursday.


SMT confirmed they had reviewed and had no amendments to the Directorate Risk Register. AP advised that the Climate Risks on the Corporate Risk register would be reviewed at the Climate Change Board.

There were three areas for discussion on the Risk Appetite. Commercial, Operational and Project Management. A lot of the work we do is commercial and AI asked if “minimal” reflected our position. There was discussion around the descriptor of the commercial risk, with SMT reflecting that the descriptor was more for policy rather than delivery bodies. AP advised that he would explore further.

SW provided a brief update on correspondence. He advised that there had been a surge in correspondence in Roads. He further advised that there had been an update to the restricted list, which was agreed and this would be reviewed every 6 months.

Action – Explore the descriptor of commercial risk - AP

Corporate Update

DS provided a short presentation on HRMI data. This included figures on recruitment and staffing. It was noted that the AWDL had decreased from last quarter which was positive.

AI asked of the exceptions report she received from HR could provide more context on the staffing resource.

DS provided SMT with an update on the progress with Bothwell St and invited them to view and comment on the proposed finishes for the office space.

Action – Exceptions report to provide more context on staffing resource – DS


There was no other business. The next Corporate meeting is 29 November 2023.

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