Senior Management Team Meeting - minutes - 11 May 2021


Roy Brannen – Chief Executive (Chair)
Alison Irvine – Director - Transport Strategy and Analysis
Bill Reeve – Director - Rail
Frances Pacitti – Director - Aviation, Maritime, Freight and Canals
David Swanson – Head of Corporate Services
Hugh Gillies – Director - Roads
Laura Murdoch – Director - Bus, Accessibility & Active Travel
Lee Shedden – Director - Finance
Stuart Greig – Director - Low Carbon Economy
John Matheson – NXD – for observation only
Anne Martin – Transport Strategy and Analysis
Andy Pope – Transport Scotland (TS) Secretariat
Jodie Lafferty – TS Secretariat


FCS Director Appointment

Following the recent recruitment campaign Kerry Twyman has been appointed Transport Scotland’s Finance and Corporate Services Director.

Risk Update

Lee Shedden provided a verbal update on discussion at the TS Risk Management Group. TS guidance is being updated to align with the revised Scottish Government (SG) guidance.

Finance Update

Lee Shedden provided a verbal update of the current budget position.

Corporate Update

David Swanson updated the group on the preparation for the return to building and the longer term property strategy. A questionnaire will be opened to gather staff preferences on the office return this week.

The group was reminded of the accessibility requirements for online publication.

Incoming Government Preparations

The group reviewed the agency and directorate descriptions being prepared for the incoming Ministerial team.

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