Senior Management Team Meeting - minutes - 14 September 2021


Roy Brannen – Chief Executive (Chair)
Alison Irvine – Director - Transport Strategy and Analysis Directorate
Bill Reeve – Director - Rail
Gary Cox – Aviation, Maritime, Freight and Canals Directorate
Hugh Gillies – Director - Roads
Kerry Twyman – Director - Finance and Corporate Services
Pete Grant – Bus, Accessibility and Active Travel Directorate
Stuart Greig – Director - Low Carbon Economy
Stewart Leggett – Roads Directorate (item 2)
Andy Park – Transport Scotland (TS) Strategy and Analysis Directorate (item 3)
Fiona Brown – TS Strategy and Analysis Directorate (item 3)
Stephen Cragg – TS Strategy and Analysis Directorate (item 3)
Steven Wyllie – Information Governance Officer (item 4)
David Swanson – Head of Corporate Services (items 4 and 5)
Andy Pope – TS Secretariat
Jodie Lafferty – TS Secretariat


General Update - All

TS Directors provided updates of key issues within their area which included a discussion on the briefing ahead of COP26 Strategic Briefing, NZET Committee, Climate Change week and tourism.

COP26 Update – Stewart Leggett

Stewart joined SMT to provide a read out of the Business Engagement Session last week. Stewart updated TS SMT on the ongoing work on spend approvals, arrangements for evening receptions, operational risks and potential for malicious disruptions.

Alison explained Hub and Cell structure which prompted a discussion on resourcing and cover arrangements.

Action - Alison and Hugh to review the cover arrangements which should cover both policy and resilience (TSSMT210914-001)

Action – Roy, Alison and Hugh to discuss wider TS prioritisation during the preparations and operation of the COP 26 (TSSMT210914-002)

Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance Update – Fiona Brown, Andy Park and Stephen Cragg

Fiona Brown, Andy Park and Stephen Cragg joined TS Senior Management Team (SMT) to go through the Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance and to seek approval from TS SMT for the proposed changes.

There was a discussion on how the interaction with wider processes, including how this would inform the next revision of IDM guidance would work with other policies in place. It was agreed that there would be a follow up needed offline to resolve the technical aspect of these changes.

TS SMT were not content with the proposal and agreed that it would be considered by correspondence.

Correspondence Update (PQ, FOI, etc.) – Steven Wyllie

Steven presented the Balance Scorecard and Correspondence data to TS SMT, no concerns were flagged. It was highlighted that the PQ issues were mostly from the PO box cut off time at 5pm, and a reminder of Directors to be cautious of the deadline given and any processes that could be put in place to avoid this reoccurrence.

Corporate Update – David Swanson

This week was the first week for the staff returning to the office, with 28 staff coming in across the full week. The facilities staff will continue to pick up the mail for Directorates for the rest of the month then Directorates can pick it up again in the transition coming back into the office.

The People Survey is going live on 28 September – 3 November

David provided a further update on the terms of lease and assurances on the property position, the Buchanan House legal case, and the Air Quality Report.

Risk Update – Kerry Twyman

Risk Management Group meeting read out. Kerry highlighted the changes in the Corporate Plan which will give a more detailed process and co-ordinated space. TS Directors noted that Kerry has agreed to be the Risk Champion.

The Audit and Risk Committee are meeting next week to discuss Risk and Final Accounts.

Finance Update – Kerry Twyman

Kerry went through the Finance Report, highlighting the areas where in-year savings are emerging, and that the centre have been focused on robustness of forecasting and comparison to actuals – hence the focus in TS on using a range approach to forecasts and highlighting potential movements as early as possible.

There was a discussion on the figures for Roads and Maintenance but overall TS Directors were comfortable with the monitoring of their figures.

Kerry reminded TS SMT the importance to keep on top of figures and reviewing forecasts.

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