Senior Management Team Meeting - Minutes - 20 December 2022



Michelle Quinn (MQ) – Interim Chief Executive


Fran Pacitti (FP) – Director


Bettina Sizeland (BS) - Director


Andy Pope (AP) – Head of Corporate Governance

David Swanson (DS) – Head of Corporate Services

Mary Fitzgerald (MF) – Head of Finance


Stuart Greig (SG) – Director

Major Projects

Lawrence Shackman (LS) – Director


Bill Reeve (BR) - Director


Stewart Leggett (SL) – Director


Fiona Brown (FB) – Director


Hugh Gillies (HG) - Director


Gillian McCole (GM) – Head of Chief Executive Office

Internal Audit

Mabel Hall (MH) – Auditor

Dougie Shephard (DS) – Auditor

Festive Cover

GM outlined the Directors festive cover and the TS resilience cover.  The on call rota for directors, including who is in the CEO and list of C bands cover for each day will be sent to directors tomorrow.


HG updated the SMT on filling of Rail directorate posts.  DS offered some HR advice on moving staff around for certain roles ensuring that colleagues are put into roles with the appropriate skills.

SL advised that the resilience team will be active 9-4 every working day.  If required they will be able to stand up to respond to any resilience issues. 


SW presented the correspondence figures to SMT.  He added that additional efforts had been put in at AMFC to get some outstanding FoI cases completed.  Numbers are slowly returning to normal.

Building Update

DS updated the Directors on the work that had been ongoing in Buchanan House.  He explained that a lot of waste and items had been left in places and not disposed of correctly.  Volunteers had been drafted in and disposed of as much as possible.  He also provided an update on the eventual move to the new building.  This is progressing as planned.


AP advised that there was nothing new on the register. CORP 1 has been moved to the issues log and a wellbeing residual risk has taken its place. MQ expressed her thoughts that some of the controls do not seem effective in this risk.  AP agreed to take away these notes and discuss with HR to draft a more clear risk for wellbeing.

CORP 8 – Asset management – this will see a new branch risk created around sponsored bodies, FP agreed to be the lead on this.


MH presented the audit plan paper.  Although summarised at the previous SMT in her absence, she was able to offer more insight into the workings of these audits.

The upcoming audits are as follows:

  • Workforce planning and wellbeing
  • Future transport including budgets
  • Financial planning – advisory
  • Bus transport provision and strategy – advisory
  • OLR has it delivered what was expected.  Lessons learned for sleeper

FP is looking at future procurements and lessons learned and has asked that Internal Audit to be involved. MH agreed to review this and a potential advisory for ferries.  They will pick this up in the new year.

HG asked to have a conversation with MH in the new year around workforce planning also.

Published Date 20 Dec 2022 Type Topic