Senior Management Team Meeting - Minutes - 24 April 2023



Alison Irvine (AI) – Chief Executive


Gary Cox (GC) - Head of Aviation


Bettina Sizeland (BS) – Director


Kerry Twyman (KT) – Director

Andy Pope (AP) – Head of Corporate Governance

David Swanson (DS) – Head of Corporate Services

Lorna Clark (LC) – Data Protection Officer


Chris Wilcock (CW) – Head of Ferries Unit


Ed Thomson (ET) – Head of Low Emission Vehicle Policy

Major Projects

Gavin Dyet (GD) - Head of Design Team 2


Bill Reeve (BR) - Director


Hugh Gillies (HG) – Director


Fiona Brown (FB) – Interim Director


Gillian McCole (GM) – Head of Chief Executive Office

Steven Wyllie (SW) – Corporate Governance Manager


LC provided an overview of FoI performance for 2022. She discussed the challenges faced by directorates and how some of these have been overcome. The first three months of 2023 have continued to be poor, and LC informed the SMT that DG Net Zero are now looking their performance and singling out currently late cases.

The current ask of TS is to explain why cases are late and what actions are being taken to have these issued as soon as possible. LC explained that a return and briefing paper is being prepared for AI to approve.

AI reminded the SMT that FoI is a statutory and legal responsibility which we must not allow to slip. Responding to requests on time and fully should be prioritised by all Directorates. Both Rail and Ferries directorates acknowledged their resourcing issues, but advised the Chief Executive that these have been or are in the process of being addressed.

AI asked when the last FoI training sessions had been conducted. LC confirmed it was within the last 12 months and directorate bespoke sessions had also taken place, but that they are happy to arrange more for TS wide.

SW then provided an overview of correspondence in general, highlighting that cases coming back for redraft are included in the background data and some focus should be put on these to ensure persistent redrafting comments are addressed in future correspondence.

Action: LC to run FoI/EIR training sessions for staff to sign up to.

Action: LC to prepare response to DG on actions being taken by TS SMT to improve performance


KT discussed the finance paper and provided an update for the SMT on the current financial landscape for TS. She highlighted the current projected underspends which will be will likely be levelled out after year end accruals bringing the organisations end year position in on budget.


AP discussed the corporate risk register and provided an update from the April risk champion meeting. He outlined the key changes in the switch to the new DG Risk template, including risk appetite inclusion.

AP provided an update to the CHFS scoring and asked for the SMT’s view on reducing the likelihood, thus reducing the overall score from 250 to 200. This was agreed. He also discussed the Industrial Relations risk, seeking input from the SMT on whether this could be deescalated back to the Rail directorate risk register. SMT elected to keep this risk present on both the TS and DG register, but to look at reducing the scoring.

AI made some reflections on risk more generally and how this template should be a tool to provide assurance for the organisation. She advised that a dedicated risk workshop should be planned to assess the risk register more in depth.

Action: AP to set up a risk workshop with Directors

Restricted Correspondents

SW discussed the paper submitted to the SMT which outlines the proposed actions for correspondents who have been restricted under the TS Unacceptable Actions Policy (UAP). He outlined the current actions in place, and the current evidence as background for the case. SW asked the SMT to consider upholding the current restrictions. This was agreed and the restrictions will remain in place until the next review.

AI asked what TS can do to protect staff from difficult or abusive behaviours going forward. SW advised that as civil servants it can be difficult to prevent staff names etc being used in an inflammatory manner, but that a new policy document is being written to replace the current UAP. This new engagement policy will provide some wider context on what behaviours are deemed unacceptable and what the consequences of such actions may be.

Action: SW to submit the draft Engagement Policy for CEO consideration once completed

Corporate Update

DS provided an update on the new Oracle system which will replace the current staff HR system. The project, run by SG Shared Services, is progressing and current projected to launch in October 2023.

A new online booking tool is also being looked at by the Smarter Workplaces team. This will allow colleagues to book a specific desk when coming into George House. DS hopes that will help remove bottle necks from the current method of booking for the day and will allow teams to sit more closely together for collaborative working.

DS presented the SMT with three floorplate options for 177 Bothwell Street. These options were based upon the discussion that the SMT had in March with the project architects.  DS asked that Directors look at these suggested floor plans and decide within in the next two weeks.

Action: Directors to decide on desired floor plan for new 177 Bothwell Street building

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