Senior Management Team Meeting - Minutes - 24 May 2022



Hugh Gillies - Director


Frances Pacitti (FP) – Director

Nick Gosling (NG) – Head of Maritime Policy


Juliet Bell (JB) - Smart & Integrated Ticketing & Payment Programme Manager


Kerry Twyman (KT) – Director

Andy Pope (AP) – Head of Corporate Governance

Danny Chalmers (DC) – Head of Communications


Stuart Greig – Director

Major Projects

Lawrence Shackman (LS) – Director


Frazer Henderson (FH) – Head of Rail Policy


Stewart Leggett (SL) – Director


Fiona Brown (FB) – Director

Bethany Sharp (BS) - Head of Transport Strategy


Gillian McCole (GM) – Head of Chief Executive Office

Pamela Yorke (PY) – Head of Secretariat

Steven Wyllie (SW) – Corporate Governance Manager


John Matheson (JM) – Chair of TS Audit & Risk Committee


Sandy McNeil (SMc) – Lawyer

Kenny Hannaway (KH) – Lawyer

Deborah Blair (DB) - Lawyer

General Update

An update was provided by all Directors on their respective areas.  This included:

  • Ferries
  • Budgeting
  • ScotRail
  • Communications
  • Cost of living

Legal Update

The legal team provided an update on upcoming and ongoing legal items.  They advised that there was updated guidance for TS staff on what services are available.


KT provided a general update on the in-year financial position for TS and what budget discussions had been fed down from DG.  They updated the SMT on current budget work and allocations.

Risk Update

AP presented the corporate risk register and discussed the risks with the SMT.  They discussed the new TS risk appetite statement being drafted and progress on the actions from the Internal Audit exercise.


SW discussed the correspondence statistics and updated the SMT on current workloads.

Corporate Update

DS provided an update on the workforce panning exercise in TS and the progress being made on hybrid working arrangements.

SW discussed the Corporate Plan details and asked that Directors ensure there directorates are updating the template regularly.

HR Management Information

DS presented the SMT with figures from the HR Management Information sheet and updated the team on other HR matters.

Ministerial Reporting

BS presented a new ministerial reporting measures to better inform Minister of TS current position and make us more easily able to extract the position of projects more quickly.


No other business was tabled.

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