Senior Management Team Meeting - Minutes - 27 March 2024



  • Alison Irvine (AI) – Chief Executive


  • Gary Cox (GC) - Head of Aviation


  • Bettina Sizeland (BS) – Director


  • Kerry Twyman (KT) – Director
  • David Swanson (DS)
  • Steven Wylie (item 4-6)


  • Roddy Macdonald (RM) - Director


  • Susan Cameron (SC)

Major Projects

  • Lawrence Shackman (LS) - Director


  • Bill Reeve (BR) - Director


  • Stuart Wilson (SW)


  • Fiona Brown (FB) – Interim Director

CEO Office

  • Mark Dunlop
  • Pam Yorke


  • Morna Cannon, Interim Director LCE
  • Hugh Gillies, Director Roads


AI welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Office Attendance

DS provided a short presentation on hybrid working in TS.  He advised that the SG would be reviewing the current policy in April 2025.  AI thanked DS for his presentation and agreed it would be helpful to provide a regular monitoring report on our hybrid working at our SMT meetings.  Directors were reminded that the employee passport was a useful tool to support staff that required individual adjustments to their hybrid patterns.  It was noted that information had to be caveated in that VQ was not included in the data and that was the principal office for most AMFC staff and staff in other directorates.

SMT were in agreement that it would be useful to discuss the Employee Passport at an all staff session.

Action: DS to bring a hybrid monitoring paper to regularly to Corporate SMT meetings.

Action: DS to organise a session on the Employee Passport at the next all staff session.

Disabled Staff Network

A colleague from the Disabled Staff Network attended to provide a presentation on the Social Model of Disability.  AI thanked them for their presentation which the team had found very informative.


LC advised that TS would meet the year end target for FOIs. AI thanked LC for the work she had done to ensure the target was met.  She also asked Directors to thank their teams.  She asked LC if she could cover FOIs at an all staff session.

Action: LC to provide an update on FOIs at the next staff session.


AI asked SW if he could provide a paper for future risks being reviewed at meetings.

SW advised that the Corporate register was up to date and had been reviewed by Directors.

A sponsored bodies risk had been added and a meeting has been arranged to discuss.  The next risk would be reviewed in April would be on Cyber Resilience and we would have a review of the risk register in May. He further updated that CHFS/Finance and Rail had been escalated to the DG register.


Risk 19

AI advised it was important to review totality of projects that are being paused and asked FB to pick this up with her team in the STIP. 

Action: STIP to be scheduled at a future SMT – FB.

Risk 20

AI requested that the action from Ferries and Rail are reflected in the actions planned.

Action: KT/AP to review actions.

Corporate Risk 21 - Oracle

A brief discussion took place on the new system being implemented by SG HR and the impact this would have on TS payments.


A brief discussion took place on Rail industrial relations.  AI asked GC to bring a paper on pay across all public bodies to an SMT meeting.

Action: GC to bring a paper on public bodies pay to an SMT.


MF took the SMT through the finance report which was the last one before the end of the financial year.  She advised that she would be having regular meetings with Directors to prepare for the Audit accounts. She reminded everyone that AO templates are still required and to make sure they are fully completed.


AI asked that Directors work with HR on a brigaded recruitment for A band staff.


The next meeting will be on 24 April 2024.

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