Senior Management Team Meeting - Minutes - 29 November 2022



Hugh Gillies (HG) - Director


Fran Pacitti (FP) – Director


Bettina Sizeland (BS) - Director


Kerry Twyman (KT) – Director

Andy Pope (AP) – Head of Corporate Governance

David Swanson (DS) – Head of Corporate Services

Jason Connelly (JC) – Health & Safety manager


Susan Cameron (SC) – Programme Manager

Major Projects

Lawrence Shackman (LS) – Director


Bill Reeve (BR) - Director


Stewart Leggett (SL) – Director


Fiona Brown (FB) – Director

Jennifer McVey (JM) - Head of Transport Strategy


Gillian McCole (GM) – Head of Chief Executive Office


Stuart Greig (SG) – Director LCE

Mabel Hall – Internal Audit


KT  provided an update to colleagues on the current financial position.  She explained that the 2023/24 budget is the priority given the funding pressures across government.


AP provided an update to the Directors on the current risk layout.  The risk register looks largely similar to the previous version, this is due to the Risk Management Group and the Audit and Risk Committee not meeting until the following day.

Action: HG to update the Resourcing issue and legacy Wellbeing risk.


AP provided an overview of the dashboard and confirmed that Business Managers have copies of the background information and can look at cases in more depth.

Corporate update

DS  provided an update on the ongoing building moves.  He discussed the space that TS have been allocated in the main SG building Atlantic Quay.  The TS move to George House is progressing.

JC provided an update on the health and safety work ongoing.  He asked if a director would like to attend the next H&S meeting.  BR agreed to attend and suggested a rota system for directors going forward.

Internal Audit

AP gave apologies on behalf of MH who was unable to attend.  He went on to provide an overview of the internal audit paper.

Audit Plan 2022-23

Future Transport and Workforce Planning and Wellbeing reviews are to be postponed and considered in 2023-24 planning.  The Asset Management audit will have its scope reduced to just assets held and managed directly by Transport Scotland. Sponsorship arrangements will be considered in 2023-24 planning period also.

Audit Planning 2023-24

The audit plan is still to be agreed and presented to the Audit and Risk Committee.  This will be discussed in the January 2023 meeting. It was agreed that the following reviews should be considered during the planning process: Future Transport, Wellbeing and Resourcing, and Asset Management – sponsorship arrangements. The asset management audit will take into consideration the 2021 short life review of SG’s relationship with public bodies.

AP asked that any comments on the audits should be passed to him by 9 December 2022.

COVID-19 Inquiries

JM provided an presentation on the SG COVID-19 inquiries.


No other business was tabled.

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