Senior Management Team Meeting - Minutes - 3 May 2022



Hugh Gillies - Director


Frances Pacitti - Director


Bettina Sizeland - Director


Kerry Twyman (KT) – Director


Stuart Greig – Director

Major Projects

Lawrence Shackman (LS) – Director

Gavin Dyet – Head of Design Team 2

Sandy Jamieson – Head of Design Team 1&3

Alasdair Graham - Head of Design and Development

Jo Blewett - Head of Roadspace Reallocation Delivery


Bill Reeve - Director


Stewart Leggett (SL) – Director

Jonny Moran (JM) – Operating Company Manager


Fiona Brown – Director


Gillian McCole (GM) – Head of Chief Executive Office

Pamela Yorke (PY) – Head of Secretariat

Steven Wyllie (SW) – Corporate Governance Manager

General Update

The Senior Management team noted updates provided by TS Directors on the current matters including:

  • ScotRail Holdings
  • Transport Scotland budgets
  • Clyde and Hebrides Ferry Services procurement
  • low emissions zones
  • Fair Fares review
  • active travel
  • ongoing construction projects

Ministerial feedback

Hugh Gillies provided a verbal update on working with the Minister and upcoming Ministerial events.


SW presented slides showing the March correspondence figures.

Hugh reminded Directors the importance of FOI responses within the time frame and that this is a legal requirement, asking Directors to put their attention towards these late responses and look into it thoroughly to make sure it doesn’t continue.

Corporate Planning Update

Steven discussed the current publication schedule for the upcoming Corporate and Business Plan.  Draft expected to be with the Directors in the next week.

Visitor Management Strategy

Jonny Moran discussed Scotland’s visitor management strategy which is currently being spearheaded by Visit Scotland.  SMT were updated on current outline plans and how a Transport Scotland representative should be present at future working groups to convey our interests.

Major Projects Taking Stock

Lawrence Shackman provided and update alongside other Major Projects colleagues on current commitments and a forward look for the directorate.


No other items were tabled.

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