Senior Management Team Meeting - Minutes - 7 March 2023



Michelle Quinn


Fran Pacitti (FP) – Director


Mary Docherty (MD) - Head of Concessionary Travel and Integrated Ticket Unit


Kerry Twyman (KT) – Director

Andy Pope (AP) – Head of Corporate Governance

David Swanson (DS) – Head of Corporate Services

Joanne Demarco (JD) – Head of HR


Roddy Macdonald – Director


Stuart Greig (SG) – Director

Major Projects

Lawrence Shackman (LS) – Director


Bill Reeve (BR) - Director


Stewart Leggett (SL) – Director


Fiona Brown (FB) – Director


Gillian McCole (GM) – Head of Chief Executive Office

Ben Robson (BR) – Corporate Governance Manager

Hugh Gillies (HG) - Director


JD discussed the importance of exit interviews since these were introduced last year and keeps TS in line with the HR processes within the wider SG. She explained that these should consist of standard questions exploring the key drivers as to why an individual is leaving the organisation. It is proposed that the results are discussed and explored quarterly and should cover a minimum of ten leavers.

HG gave an update regarding the WFP. Preliminary discussions are taking place to get a consultant on board to help with the project.

Action: BR to check in with Directors regarding consolidation and collaboration email.

Action: Staff engagement follow up with HR and Comms regarding Q&A

The SMT were content regarding the approval of the HR database paper. DS provided an update regarding George House including entry into the building and the new pass system. He also updated the SMT on ongoing work at 177 Bothwell Street and how they were currently planning workshops for staff prior to the move in November.

JD discussed people survey outcomes and explained that a meeting is scheduled with the SMT Champions to discuss the results and how the champion roles are to be shaped. She also explained that the HR Management Information is due out at the end of April and that there are ongoing discussions regarding how we present this information going forward.

Risk Deep Dive

AP shared a presentation and provided an overview the deep dive into risk and what the outcomes should be at the end of the session. He reminded Directors that the Corporate Risk Register is their collective responsibility and they all had collective ownership over its contents, this is crucial when escalating a risk and selecting an appropriate risk owner. He went on to discuss the results from the survey questions that were issued to Directors prior to the meeting. The key themes were people & resources and budgets.

AP outlined the next steps for a new risk which had been identified. This risk would be built around the COVID Response Inquiry. Work will begin to incorporate this into the risk register.

Action: RMG to consider Covid Inquiry draft risk.

FB also discussed the possibility of another risk under the heading Just Transition.

Action: FB to consider and RMG to review.

AP then moved on to review the current risks on the register and sought comments from the members of the SMT.

Corp 2 - Budget Monitoring was discussed and it was agreed that this risk should be reconsidered to outline the organisational risk more clearly.

Action: KT to review

Corp 10 - Future Transport: This risk should be reviewed to determine if it is still required. Discussions at SMT suggest it could be demoted to directorate level risk register or and escalated again if the likelihood and impact increases to a corporate level.

Action: FB to review

Corp 13 - Industrial Relations: it was agreed this should be reviewed to generalise the wording to encompass all directorates that could be impacted by industrial action.

Action: BR to review.

Action: All directors to review the risk where they are Risk owners, in particular the wording of risk descriptions, actions and controls.


No other items were tabled.

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